25 Best Yoga Quotes to Kick Start Your Day Right!

A lot of quotes had existed in the world. But have you ever thought of what are these quotes for? Or maybe asked yourself about why it is used by people every day? Well, just like me, I also have used a lot of quotes up until now. This is simply because those quotes inspire and motivates me. How about you? What does quote mean to you? Let me know under the comment section below. But for now, let me give you some extraordinary quotes to kick start your day.

Be reminded that these quotes are inspired by yoga. Have you heard about yoga? If not, then read my previous posts. I already have made a lot of articles reading yoga, you better check them out!

So, now, here are the 25 Best Yoga Quotes to Kick Start Your Day Right.

1.)  “The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

2.) “For me, yoga is not just a workout – it’s about working on yourself.” ~ Mary Glover

3.) “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

4.) ‎”Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”  ~ Jason Crandell

5.) “Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”

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No matter what pose it will be as long as you do the proper execution of it you are good to go.

6.) ‎”Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

7.) ”The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war.” ~ Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

8.) “A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose themselves.” ~ Jay Fields

9.) “The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.” ~ Rodney Yee

10.) “Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” ~ Max Strom

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It is not how simple or hard the pose that matters, it is how focused you are while you do the exericise.

11.) “First-month painting, second month tired, third-month flying.” ~ Sharath Jois

12.) “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

13.) “In the practice of Yoga one can emphasize the body, the mind or the self and hence the effort can never be fruitless.”-  T. Krishnamacharya

14.) “Yoga is 99 percent practice and one percent theory.”- Sri Pattabhi Jois

15.) “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our lives and our relationships.”- T.K.V. Desikachar

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The peacefulness of the surrounding sometimes helps you to connect to your inner self.

16.)  “The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”-  Geeta Iyengar

17.)  “The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of a union.”- Rabindranath Tagore

18.) “When this body has been so magnificently and artistically created by God, it is only fitting that we should maintain it in good health and harmony by the most excellent and artistic science of Yoga.”- Geeta Iyengar

19.) “The more you meditate, the more helpful you can be to others, and the more deeply you will be in tune with God.”- Paramahansa Yogananda

20.)  “The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings.”- T.K.V. Desikachar

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Have the courage to find the master soul in you. Do not give up easily. Just focus and get motivated every day.

21.) “The ultimate goal of yoga is to always observe things accurately, and therefore never act in a way that will make us regret our actions later.”- T.K.V. Desikachar

22.)  “Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal…. But don’t approach yoga with a business mind looking for worldly gain.”- Sri Pattabhi Jois

23.)  “Rid your body of its impurities, let your speech be true and sweet, feel friendship for the world, and with humility seek wealth and knowledge.”-  T. Krishnamacharya

24.) “The practice of Yoga brings us face to face with the extraordinary complexity of our own being.”- Sri Aurobindo

25.)  “Feel good, be good, and do good.”-  Yogi Bhajan





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