3 Inspiring Stories of Adventurers + Photographers Who Took the Path Less Traveled!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Like Robert Frost people who choose to walk on a road less traveled made a big difference in their lives. More and more people have great stories as they choose this road. Some stories would make a big impact on our lives. There are also some who keeps us motivated and inspired as we remember their stories. You would not even believe that some of them are just the ordinary people by your side. But if you have not heard any of these stories then you are on the right page of the internet. Below are the three inspiring stories of adventures plus photographers who took the path less traveled.

1.) Anna McNuff

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Anna McNuff grew in a family where almost all of them loves sports. In fact, she is a middle child who is sandwiched by two brothers who are both sports-minded. Her mother and father are both Olympians. She grew up doing what her two brothers do. Because after all, they are her only playmates way back then. So Anna grew up as a sports lover too. But later in her life, during her twenties, she decided to retire from sports and let go of her Olympic dreams. Shen then started a new life as an adventurer.

Anna McNuff once said, about the best way to go on an adventure, “Just start”. Simple two words but means a lot to her. She started her adventures by cycling for seven months and 11,000 miles around the states in the US. McNuff went through many places which include, New Zealand, Amsterdam, London and some places in Europe. But Anna McNuff is not only a pure adventurer she is also on a mission to get children outdoors and explore the World more. Through her perseverance on her mission, she has raised an awareness for Right to Play and The Outward Bound Trust for children around the world. With this, she is indeed made a difference in her choice of taking the road less¬† traveled.

2.) Andy Frame

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Andy Frame had an ordinary job in a four-walled office. Not a single complain he had once in his job before. He worked so hard during his early 20’s. Yet, during 2008 his company faced a hard problem which led to his unemployment status. During those times, he already had a doubt of getting hired at competing companies due to some issues of industry downsizing. Well, nobody can blame anybody about that issue. Andy during those times was facing a heavy mortgage problem which added to his unemployment problem. But Andy never gave up. He thought that having a job in the corporate world where you live in an Office-Space lifestyle would be too ordinary. He then decided to take the road less traveled and choose the way where he found his true passion.

Andy Frame asked her wife to start his career in the world of photography. He learned his photography skills during his teens where he shoots for wedding events. His wife supported him in his chosen career all the way. Andy studied every single thing about photography. He knew that he already mastered wedding photography but this kind of bookings need a year to be paid out and he needed the money in three weeks time to pay his mortgages. But here comes one night that he came across the images of Scott Hargis and M James Northen. Both were successful photographers shooting images of high-end real estate and architecture. He then liked the way of the photographic skills shown in those pictures. Andy Frame then exchanged some emails with Scott and MJ. He risked some of his last precious dollars to buy the gears that he will need in this career. He bought a camera, a wide-angle lens, two Alien Bees strobes and three Nikon speed lights. With those gears, history was made by Andy Frame.

3.) Greg Goodman

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Just like most people, Greg Goodman worked in a stuffy desk and four-walled room. He got a routinary job which led him to a big decision which was living out of his comfort zone. Greg Goodman sold his stuff, quit his job and joined his girlfriend on a mission in Nicaragua. He chose to take a leap of faith. Never did he imagined to stay longer with his girlfriends volunteering mission. He just planned to stay for two weeks but he stayed for seven long months. They had an adventure no one could ever imagine they would. Mr. Goodman and his girlfriend the knot and said they’re I do’s. Since then they traveled more and more, country to country, continent to continent.

From an office guy to a successful photographer and adventurer, Greg Goodman never regretted any decision he made. Those decisions mold him from a nobody into a successful being now.



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