5 Best Foods To Speed Up Your Weight Loss

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr., P.S. I Love You

Doing your best sometimes needs to be accompanied by the right gears that would prepare you for a fight. It does not necessarily a physical fight because it can be an emotional, mental or spiritual fight. (But let’s not go away from the point.)

“There are many shortcuts to failure, but there are no shortcuts to true success.”
― Orrin Woodward

It is true that shortcuts are no good for anything we do most especially if we are aiming for success. Instead of taking some shortcuts, in your weight loss journey, why not speed up the process? It works if you are equipped with the right knowledge on how and what you need to do.

With this, here are the 5 best foods to speed up your weight loss.

Citrus fruit

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If you are trying to lose weight, then consider buying some oranges, lemons or limes the next time you go shopping. Do not wait until the cold season to fill up on oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit, they may help whittle your middle. Citrus fruits can also help you lose weight by providing flavor without calories. Lemon juice is a classic flavoring for poached fish, but you can also use it on chicken or vegetables.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people with higher vitamin C levels have lower waist-to-hip ratios than those whose bodies contain less of the antioxidant. University of Arizona researchers found out that those with higher levels of vitamin C oxidized 25 percent more fat during treadmill sessions than those with lower levels of the vitamin.

Red chile or bell peppers

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A study of capsaicin from Purdue University focused on amounts an average individual could reasonably include in a daily diet,  about half a teaspoon (one gram) of dried, ground red pepper. The researchers found that, in general, consuming the red pepper increased core body temperature and enabled the study participants to burn more calories.

Add a little spice to your cooking and slim down while you are enjoying it. Capsaicin, the compound that gives a red chile pepper its kick, has been shown to help your body burn more calories. Plus, research shows that we tend to eat smaller portions of spicy foods because of the heat.

This also works in red bell peppers. Any way you slice it these peppers are a great source of nutrients. A medium-sized one delivers 250 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, 75 percent of your daily vitamin A needs and 10 percent of your fiber goals. Chop them up and pair with hummus for a healthy snack.

Green tea

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Whether you prefer it hot or iced, unsweetened green tea is calorie-free and high in an antioxidant called ECGC. This antioxidant may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers while revving up your metabolism. Several studies have suggested that the flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help elevate metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and even improve insulin activity.

Participants in a Tufts University study who drank the equivalent of three cups of green tea each day lost twice as much weight as those who did not drink the tea. Green tea drinkers also lost significantly more belly fat than non-tea drinkers.

This steamy sip hydrates like water, which can help fill you up and shed pounds. One study found that five cups a day could help you lose twice as much weight, most of it around your middle.

Brown rice

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Brown rice is a heartier, fiber-packed alternative to less-than-super white rice. A half-cup serving contains 1.7 grams of Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat.

Plus, brown rice is a low-energy-density food, meaning it’s heavy and filling but low in calories. One study found that women who ate a higher-energy-density diet gained three times as much weight over six years than women eating a low-energy-density diet.

Brown rice is high in selenium, a mineral that strengthens your immune system by lowering the risks of acquiring diseases. It will give you a good amount of protection from common sicknesses. This is crucial, especially if you are trying to lose weight, as your body is adjusting to new diet regimens and can make you weak during the beginning stages of your diet.

Leafy greens

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In general, the deeper the green the more nutritional firepower the leaves contain. You can never go wrong with piling a plate with salad greens in whatever you pick among these veggies. At 4 calories per cup, watercress is loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, and a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating 3 ounces of the peppery green daily increases levels of the cancer-fighting antioxidants lutein and beta-carotene.

Spinach (7 calories per cup) is brimming with vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium, and contains a hormone that allows muscle tissue to repair itself faster.


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