4 Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel

Talking about saving money and having enough budget is all about self-discipline. You have to admit to yourself that you have to cut-off some of your spendings.

It will really be so hard to do because you cannot say no to the stores 3-day-sales. That is why it is all about self-discipline.

Just like traveling, you cannot just wait for the exact day to come without any preparations done. You need to save money! Do you want to starve during your trip? I don’t think so.

So with that here are the most creative ways to save money for your most awaited travel 0f the year.

Open A Savings Account

4 Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel- open

Be committed to your goal should be the first thing you will put into your mindset.

If you are serious about your effort to fund your travels directly then open a savings account for it. And if you could then make a time deposit for it. This will be the best way to safe keep your budget.

All you have to do is just to make a time deposit that is most likely the earliest possible time. In this way, you can just get the money and add some then make a time deposit again. Just make sure of the timing. You still need to check it before making any move.

In most cases, the cost to set up an account is zero, save for a bit of your time.If you go this route, make sure you do not face any minimum balance penalties when you actually start to spend the money you have saved.

It may also be useful to have ATM and online access to the account, which will let you draw money directly from the account when booking and while you travel.

Using a single, dedicated account will also help you keep on a budget during your trip, as the easiest way to know how much you are spending is to track the balance of your dedicated travel account. You can keep an eye on your balance as your trip progresses, and track the true cost of your trip without too much effort.

Divide your paycheck

4 Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel- divide

Ask your company’s human resources department to divide each of your paychecks between your savings and checking accounts. Doing this will make sure that you have the right savings for a specific paycheck.

Set a specific percentage to automatically deposit into your savings so you are less inclined to touch it while out at the bar.

But if your human resource department disagrees with this kind of situation then maybe you do it by yourself. Make sure to allocate a specific amount to be saved in a specific date.

Dividing your paycheck early will let you have the controlled amount of spent all throughout the entire week or month. This technique will help you save your money easier and faster.

Make A Piggy Bank

4 Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel-piggy bank


After you empty that can of pretzels, make use of it and turn it into a piggy bank. Put all your loose coins into that jar and make sure only you know the secret place of that jar.

You can also put the smallest bill you currently have into that jar.

This piggy bank will act as your personal reminder that you need to save your money. So in order not to overspend from something unworthy then just place those coins and bills into that jar.

Try to have at least three piggy banks. So that you will be challenged to save more and more for that most awaited travel of yours.

Make sure to change those coins into paper bills. Because you do not want to carry a bag full of heavy coins while you are at the airport. And also, the airport has some rules regarding how many coins you can have when you travel.

Sell Your Stuff

4 Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel- sell

When was the last time you walked into your home and noticed that you don’t use half of the things you own?

Now is the perfect time to get rid of it all. Host a garage sale or go the online route and post it all on craigslist, eBay, or Facebook garage sale groups. Facebook groups are very easy to use and reach a much larger audience.

Selling your stuff will not just help you earn more money but this will also leave a space for your new items from your trip, right?

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