5 Tips On How To Start Exercising When You Have Never Tried It Before

Starting something new to you is always the hardest part of the long journey. It makes you wonder about the risks and possibilities of what might happen along the way.

But if one will keep on weighing the risks he will take then what is the purpose of living life at all?

It would be better to take some risks rather than thinking about it all along, right? And how would you know if you made the right decision if you have not started any decision at all?

Just like exercising. Starting a workout will always be the hardest part all throughout the way.

With that, here are some tips on how to kickstart your weight loss journey if you have not experienced it at all.

1. Start Small and Start Slow

5 Tips On How To Start Exercising When You Have Never Tried It Before- start slow

Do not try to lose a ton of weight as soon as you start exercising and eating healthy. You cannot just jump right in and start exercising five days a week. It would be better if you will gradually work up to exercising several days per week while you see how your body responds.

Make sure that it would be incrementally changing the way you live your daily life.

Be realistic to your goal but at the same time dream big. You can dream whatever body size you want, but make sure it is achievable at this moment.

Think of it as doing a little exercise every couple of hours, rather than just for 30 minutes a day. Move as much as possible throughout the day instead of sitting all day at work and working out afterward.

It is recommended for least 2-3 days per week, for at least 30 minutes per day in which you can do your exercise. But for someone who is just starting out, it would be better to start at 1-2 days per week and ramp it up from there.

2. Schedule your workouts

5 Tips On How To Start Exercising When You Have Never Tried It Before- Schedule your workouts

Make sure your daily exercise sessions fit into your schedule, so you can commit to them no matter what. The secret here is just to make time for your workout. If you cannot fit it in then make time for it.

Choose a realistic time frame for your workouts that works well with your daily routine and your body rhythms.

Everyone is different. It would be better if you will figure out the best time of day to work out based on your energy levels.

Stretching right before a workout may seem like the best thing to do, but you might be putting yourself at risk of injury.


3. Commit yourself into it

5 Tips On How To Start Exercising When You Have Never Tried It Before- commit

It was a rough ride before you went to a conclusion on starting your weight loss journey. So as much as possible make yourself be committed to what you are and will be doing. Set your mind to it.

The day before you decide to go to the gym, set out your workout clothes and anything else you might need to take the activities you will be doing. The most dangerous moment for someone who is just starting to work out is right before you leave the house.

This is when it is easiest to fall back into your old habits and leave the exercise for another day.

NO! Do not go back home without your getting wet with your sweat. And Yes! Go to the gym and make yourself do it.

4. Have a workout buddy

5 Tips On How To Start Exercising When You Have Never Tried It Before- buddy

A great way to make workouts more enjoyable is to do them with a friend. Find someone to exercise with and, chances are, it will be easier to keep the commitment.

You do need to make sure your partner is on the same fitness level as you. This way, you will not feel you are holding him or her back, and you will be getting the right level of exercise.

But if you cannot find a friend to join you then a personal trainer will do. Befriend that personal trainer.

In this way, you can have both a friend and a trainer that will push you to your limits. But in this case, your friend will not come for free. You will need to pay him. So it would be better to make sure you have chosen the best personal trainer you can have.

5. Take a break but know when to

5 Tips On How To Start Exercising When You Have Never Tried It Before- break

When people start out, they are often overzealous and try to get to the gym every day. If you will not let your body rest, you can be doing much more harm than good at all.

Pushing yourself to your limits is a good idea. But set a certain point of break. You are still human and you need to rest. Take it easy.

Make sure you let your body rest after a certain heavy duty workout. But remember not to have too much break or rest. Because by doing so, you might end up getting lost in the middle of to go back to the gym or back to your bed.




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