6 Activities In Costa Rica that Will Actually Make Your Life Better! #4 is a Must Try!

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.”- Jim Rohn.

In the above quote, you can actually start these changes by having a great adventurous vacation of a lifetime in Costa Rica. So, keep reading below to know the 6 perfect activities in Costa Rica that will actually make your life better!

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Here are the 6 Activities in Costa Rica that will actually make your life better. Also, read the number 4 because it is definitely a must try!

Activities In Costa Rica-Rafting Tour

1.) Rafting Tours

Do love to have an adventure of a lifetime? You better try the Costa Rica Rafting tours. Also, shaped by torrential weather for a hundred of years ago, Costa Rica’s canyons and valleys had created a beautiful landscape. The landscapes created by the canyons and valleys in Costa Rica are perfect for the twists, dips, and bumps in your rafting activity. To add, Pacuare, Corobici, and Reventazon are some of the most well-known rivers in the country for this water rafting tour.

There are a lot of options exists for different ages and abilities in this rafting tour. Further, it is greatly recommended to have a professional guide to having this activity so that you are safe while you have memorable and fun-filled moments.

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Activities In Costa Rica-Hot Spring

2.) Costa Rica’s Hot Springs

Costa Rica is known to have a large number of volcanoes which means that it also has a couple of thermal hot springs that come in different sizes, shapes, and temperature you can ever imagine.

First, you can sip your favorite drink in a wet bar which is available in the country’s most luxurious springs. Second, you can also unwind in a private heated place. To add, maybe you can be playful with their water slides and take a deep plunge into the pool. Lastly, these elegant hot springs can be found in Rincon de La Vieja, as well as in La Fortuna/Arena area.

Activities In Costa Rica-Bird Watching

3.) Bird Watching

Having an environment which is rich in flowers and fruits coupled with a temperate climate, made Costa Rica loaded with different exotic animals. Among the animals found in Costa Rica, the species of the birds are numerous. The number of species of these birds is roughly around 800 kinds.  From Scarlet Macaws to Keel-billed Toucans, these birds can be found in the Wildlife Reserve in the country’s finest places which are in Monteverde, Guapiles and Cano Negro.

Bring with you some binoculars and birding booklet so can enjoy the experience better.

Activities In Costa Rica-At Night

4.) Night Tour

Costa Rica offers vibrant creatures during the day, but more than 60 percent of these wildlife creatures are nocturnal. During the night you can explore and discover more animals that Costa Rica’s rainforest has.

Further, you should bring a flashlight with you and a tour guide. Look for a tour guide who is familiar with the place and can lead you to these wonderful forest trails.

To add, these creatures can be found in places like Tortuguero and Arenal.

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Activities In Costa Rica-Bridge Adventure

5.) Suspension Bridge Adventure

During your visit to Costa Rica, you must try the suspension bridge adventure. The suspension bridge adventure is definitely one of the most extreme adventures in the country. The suspension bridge is placed in the heart of Costa Rica. Also, while you are walking the trails in the suspension bridge, you can see the revealing complexity of the ecosystem in Costa Rica. Further, the suspension bridge is smartly built to secure the safety of the tourists.

Activities In Costa Rica-Beach Adventure

6.) Beach Fun Adventure

Costa Rica also offers beautiful beaches which you can choose from white sand, black volcanic sand or the ragged looking virgin sand. In addition, of all the beaches found in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park has the most beautiful beach. 


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