7 Best Places to Visit in the World for Yoga Retreats and Lessons! (#3 is Awesome!)

As time passes by, the population of people who love yoga increases. That is why the search for perfect places for yoga retreats is at large. There are a lot of beautiful places which the world can offer. But only a few of them offers a yoga retreat area. This is simply because yoga retreats need an area or location which is not too crowded. Why? Well, because yoga people love to concentrate more about there retreat session. They cannot do such thing if the place is too noisy or too crowded. They need to focus and they need a serene place for that.

So if you are one of those yoga people then you are on the right page of the net. Here are the 7 best places to visit in the world for yoga retreats and lessons. Give an eye on number 3 is extremely awesome.

1.) Indonesia

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Indonesia is listed as one of the world-famous yoga destinations in the entire globe. It is mainly because the country has gorgeous beaches which any yoga lover would want to have a view. The country also has a picturesque rainforest and a Zen atmosphere. Aside from a being a beautiful place, it is also affordable for a yogi traveler who is on a budget. The beach in the country is also perfect for some surfing activity. So just in case, you are also a surfer then why not do both activities in one visit, right? Just make sure to go in the place during offseason. For you to enjoy your yoga session.

2.) Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. This is simply because they have a delicious food, warm weather, beautiful beaches, and most importantly is the friendly locals. Thailand also is not that costly. In fact, the country is considered as one of the most affordable ways of life. So if you are now planning your next yoga retreat then put Thailand on your travel list places. The most popular destinations in Thailand for yoga retreats are: Ko Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Ko Phangan

3.) India

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India is consistently listed as one of the highest ranked countries for a yogi traveler. The fact that yoga originated in this country then there is absolutely nothing compared to this country. Why? Well, because you can experience the authentic yoga retreat to the place where it came from. After all, it is where yoga originated and is by far the best place on earth to experience a truly authentic yoga retreat. This is the reason why most yoga teacher training happens. So if you want some real and authentic yoga session then try one in India. The most popular places in India for your yoga vacation are: Kerala, Goa, and Rishikesh

4.) Costa Rica

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Located in the Central America, you can find a place where yoga is also practiced. Costa Rica has a spectacular wildlife and beautiful beaches. This is why it is perfect to visit the country for some relaxed and cool experience of you yoga retreats. Do not be deceived by the country’s small territory because it offers 300-350 yoga retreat programs and yoga teacher training. Most visited places in the country for some yoga session are Puntarenas, San Pablo, and Montezuma. When you go there you better be ready for the beautiful tropical country.

5.) Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is located in the south part of Asia. Your yoga retreat experience in Sri Lanka will not just nurture your spiritual being but also will enhance your mindfulness and focus on the session. Sri Lanka is an island so you can expect to have the most accommodation just on the beach or the other. You can also have fun with some water adventure activities. The island also has a beautiful beach where you can go fishing or swimming or maybe kayaking. The hottest yoga spots in Sri Lanka are Kandy, Kalutara, Tangalle, and Ahangama.

6.) Italy

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Italy was not known for yoga retreats but for some kinds of pasta and pizzas. Well, you cannot blame the country if they want to offer some yoga lessons and retreats they just want to have a place good for yogis. But why not, right? After all, the country can offer a lot of options for you. If you want to go to the beach then go. And if you want some mountain then go again. You want to have some joyous people then Italians are. If you have a historian soul in you then Italy is perfect for you. But if you only want yoga then they also have yoga retreat areas for you. In fact the most visited areas in Italy for yogis out there are Tuscany, Sardinia, and Sicily.

7.) Greece

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Greece is known to have a splendid architecture and warm culture. That is why it is a perfect view of your yoga retreats and lessons. Crete, Kythira Island, Paros are some of the most popular options in Greece for your yoga sessions.

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