How to Plan a 2 Day Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Beach Trip with Your Children

Beautiful mind setting is the result of perfect planning. When you sort important things out you end up with some best results somehow. That is the main reason why planning your to-do list is essential when you travel. Like what John L. Beckley said “Most people don’t plan to fail; They fail to plan”  isn’t it right?  That is why when you travel you should pack with you a handful of plans; you know just in case.

But the big question is how do you plan especially when you take a vacation with your kids. Well, you are in the right place if you are planning your next trip. Here is the short planning tip for your 2 Day Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Beach Trip with Your Children. There is also an itinerary you can follow for your short trip to Costa Rica. Do not worry about where to go because in the itinerary below there are some suggested places which you can go to.

1.) Choose the perfect date for the family

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You do not want to go on a vacation when you still have some prior commitment to attend to. Set the date which you and the other family members are free. For the sake of your children, you can choose those dates during their school vacations. You can also have the holidays for your family vacation. It is also better to go to a place which is not too crowded. Do not choose those dates which are in the peak season of the place.

It will just be too stressful for your and aside from that, it is also too costly since the demands of the place are high. But if you do not have any options, you can still go there and have an extra care for your children. Remember it is their safety that is important to you.

2.) Bring your necessities

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Have a list of what you and your child mostly need. Buying your necessities in the place you are going to is just an added stress for you. You do not know what the place has so it would be better to pack your own necessities. If you have a child who needs some medicines or the like, it is recommended for you to bring those just in case you need them immediately.

For ladies out there; bring your toiletries and sanitary packs, you never can tell when will those periods come. Especially when you go to Manuel Antonio where there are some extraneous activities you can choose from. You can go trekking and hiking or maybe go scuba diving and snorkeling.

 2 Day Itinerary for Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Beach

During your first day, it will always be better to check in first and unpack your luggage in your hotel before going to any activities. Since you only have 2 days for your beach vacation, it would be better to settle things ahead of time. Below is a suggested itinerary for your short vacation trip.

How to Plan a 2 Day Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Beach Trip with Your Children-arrival

1st Day

Estimated time of arrival: 8 am

Hotels usual time for check-in is 2’oclock in the afternoon. If you arrived in Costa Rica earlier than 2’oclock you can go to the city center where you can have your breakfast or you can head straight to Manuel Antonio since it is quite far from the airport. Just grab some small snacks in the airport so you will not be hungry during your road trip.

Estimated time of arrival in Manuel Antonio: 11 am

Hours of travel: 3-4 hours

When you have arrived in Manuel Antonio Beach it is already lunchtime so it would be better to feed your children first. If you choose to just grab small snacks with you, then your children now are quite hungry and maybe some of them have some tantrums already.

After lunch: 1:00 pm

Go to your hotel. Ask the receptionist if you can check in early. They might let you go into your room if they are not fully booked. But if they are fully booked then maybe you can have a quick sightseeing with the place. Just make sure your kids are preoccupied with something else. Always keep an eye on them, you do not want to lose them anyway, right?

Estimated time of check-in: 2:00 pm

If you are now in your hotel room then arranged your luggage.

Time: 4:00 pm

If you want to go to the beach then your kids can go either scuba diving or snorkeling at this time. Remember you only have around 2-3 hours before dinner time, so you better look around and see where you can have your meal.

Dinner time!

Spend your first day relaxing and chilling out.

How to Plan a 2 Day Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Beach Trip with Your Children- beach

2nd day

Wake up early! Do not waste a single time by just staying in bed.

8:00 am-12:00 noon

After breakfast- Enjoy the beach again especially if you did not have enough time yesterday. Let your children choose what activity they want to have.

12:00 noon- 1:00 pm


1:00-5:00 pm

Visit the rainforest. You can have a quick tour into the forest. Your kids will surely love this activity since there are a lot of different animals out there in the wild. Make sure you have a professional guide to this activity.

Do not worry if you went back late you. Just have fun and do not forget to have your dinner with your children.


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