The Significance of Deepavali and Top 5 Places to Visit for Deepavali Celebrations! (#4 is Beautiful!)

Deepavali is consist of two words, deep which means “light” and avali which means “row” or a row of lights. Deepavali is also known as Diwali. This is Hindu festival of lights. Diwali is marked by four days of continuous celebration which makes the country illuminated by brilliant lights and dazzled with joy. But what really is the significance of Deepavali to the people celebrating this festival?

Locals in India and Hindus and people who celebrate the festival believe that during the festival, lights shows the real and hidden beauty of the country. They intended to celebrate this kind festival in order to let the people see what the real beauty of our world has. That is the reason why it is called a row of lights. True to fact that light is a symbol of positivity and good vibes all around the world.

Hindus also believe that darkness is a representation of ignorance which means that light signifies knowledge for them. That is why the light a lamp in order to destruct the negative forces of violence, lust, anger, envy, greed, fear, injustice, sufferings and the like. They just wanted to cast away all negative feelings, thoughts, or emotions from the country. And by casting away negativity for them means lightning lamps, candles, and fireworks.

If you want to experience this festival then here are the top 5 places you need to visit.

1.) Amitsar

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Preparations for Diwali is around 4-5 weeks before the main event itself. This only means that people who celebrate the said festival are really devoted and serious to this event.

The foundation stone of Golden Temple is laid during this celebration. If you want to join in the celebration and you want the best experience then head over to this temple. It is in this temple where you can watch the golden roof and clear water which reflects the illuminated sky by fireworks and lamp lights. Also, do not forget to have the traditional lassi here.

2.) Jaipur, Rajasthan

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If you haven’t seen more than a thousand different forms of earthen lamps then visit Jaipur during Diwali festival. The place will be fully dressed with beautiful and fantastic lights. You will witness how the whole place glows with the lights and lamps prepared by the locals. It is a tradition which every year there will be a contest for the best decorations and most brilliantly designed light in the market. Well, if you are too concerned about the electricity then do not because the government shoulders the electricity bills. That is why they exert much effort in designing the lights because they want to win and at the same time they want to please the visitors.

3.) Delhi

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Diwali is also a very popular time for shopping. This is why going to Delhi during Diwali festival is the perfect timing. The whole place will be taken over by most markets and fairs for the visitors. That is also the reason why Diwali is somehow a Christmas season, for Delhi. But that does not mean the people in Delhi forgot the main reason of the event. It just that they grab the opportunity to earn during the season. You can enjoy the festive lights along the roads and streets. You can also see beautiful fireworks all over the place. So for your next Diwali experience try to go to Delhi and enjoy shopping and the lights at the same time.

4.) Kolkata, West Bengal

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Kolkata has a different version of celebrating Diwali. They light candles, colorful electric lights, and diyas in the beginning day at midnight. Most of the locals in Kolkata worship the goddess Kali which is the Hindu goddess of creative power. While the rest of the people in India worship the goddess, Lakshmi. They may have different goddesses to worship on, they still have one agenda on celebrating the said festival.

The whole place is still lighted up with beautiful and spectacular lamps all over it. So you can still enjoy the illuminated place of Kolkata in West Bengal.

5.) London

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Yes, you read it right. The celebration is not only reserved for the people of India and Hindus. Because some people in London celebrates the same event. Diwali on the streets and roads of London are as great as those in India and Hindus. You can also enjoy the festival in London which there will also be a lot of stunning fireworks and beautiful earthen lamps.

People who celebrate the festival believes that it is the time to cultivate family values, friendship, and other bonds within the community. If you want to join in the celebration in London then go to Trafalgar Square where beautiful fireworks can be seen. Do not worry because aside from Trafalgar Square there are also some various places in London which celebrate Diwali too.

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