How to Start Jogging and the Top 3 Jogging Strategy You Can Use!

Starting is always hard especially when you are still in doubt of what will be the end result of it. If you keep on thinking about the result of anything you want to start then when will you know if the result is good or not for you? George Elliot once said “It’s never too late to be what you might have been” so you can choose from starting now or forget about your goals.

The first question you encounter when you want to start jogging is HOW?

If you want to start jogging but still doubtful then think of what Eugene F. Ware said: “All glory comes from daring to begin”.  You can simply start by preparing the things you need when you jog, like shoes, jogging outfits, water container and most especially try to make a plan for your jogging session. When you have these jogging gears you then start to imagine how you look like when you wear or bring those things when you go jogging. From that, you now begin to ask yourself: Where is the perfect place to jog? When is the right time to jog? Do not be afraid to start jogging. For being fit is the key to longer life.

What are the Jogging Strategies you can use?

Listed below are the top 3 jogging strategies you can use.

1.) Start slow

How to Start Jogging and the Top 3 Jogging Strategy You Can Use -start slow

When you jog do not abrupt yourself by running and giving extra effort. Begin with stretching. Stretching includes knee lifts, sidestepping, climbing stairs and quick walking. You need to do light warm-up to avoid injuries as you go on with your jog. Do not immediately go straight on a full run. During your jogging, try to have at least 10-15 minutes of walking and running as you do your session. Further, as time passes by you can feel that walking will not be necessary anymore that is the time to run all throughout.

2.) Run with a partner

How to Start Jogging and the Top 3 Jogging Strategy You Can Use-partner

In jogging, you can consider the quote that says “the many the merrier”.  Ask some of your friends to jog with you, but choose those who have the same ability to you, so you can both encourage each other. Or maybe you can ask a training coach that will go with you as you jog so he or she can lead and motivate you when you are in your session. Running with a partner will not only help you with your exercise but they will also make you feel secure especially when you plan to go to places where there are fewer people in the area. Remember that it is still advisable to run safe and sound.

3.) Write some notes before and after

How to Start Jogging and the Top 3 Jogging Strategy You Can Use-note

When you jog it will help you in motivating yourself when you take down some notes because from those notes you can trace how your running is. You can also make improvements when you know the facts of your running. It will also set as a guide to reach your goal in jogging.



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