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7 FUN Ideas to Play with Your Child and Why Play is So Important!

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Growing a family was never been easy especially when you have a child to care for every day. But the question is do you spare your day some time to play with your child? How important is it to play with them?  Do you even know how to play with them? Worry not because here is the list of 7 Fun Ideas to Play with Your Child and Why Playing is so important to them. Before that… Are you ready for something different? Reading this book will open up a new world. It’s our best discovery yet. Free download today 1. ) Classic Hide and Seek Even though it is already rustic and old way to play but be mindful because this game is still one of the bests. Play with them and be the seeker one. You do not have to seek and play with them seriously because you are playing for the sake of fun an