The Miracle of Sun Gazing Technique

The miracles of sun gazing technique

Ancient people in all culture and religion in the earth knew that sunlight was the key to immortality and enlightenment. The sun has always been the giver of light and life to all beings. We would not be here on Earth without the presence of the sun. Indeed, would not survive long enough without the shine from the sun. The sun has been worshiped by the religious community making it the most powerful source of their energy. Priests and shamans of ancient times called the sun as the source of all life and as well as a basic nutrient to life. Sun is considered as vital for the spiritual advancements and joyful states of being.

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The sun energizes, nourishes, recharges and even revitalize the life all living things. Further, the sun also provides our bodies with an exact amount of vitamin D. In these days, even the non-living things benefits to the energy coming from the sun. Gadgets and electricity often depend on the light of the sun. Truly, the sun is the most magnificent light in the entire spectrum of the earth.

The miracles of sun gazing technique-Relaxing

Have you heard that there are numerous ways on how you can experience the power of the sun? Or what the sun has to offer more on to us? Sun gazing is one of the best daily exercise routines where you can benefit from the energy of the sun. It is a powerful and cost-free technique that can boost energy to one’s soul and mind.

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Sungazing means to stare at the sun for a short span of time, during the safe hours of the day and ideally practiced barefoot with your feet standing on the ground. To add, take note of the safe hours of time when to do sun gazing because if this is not properly followed, your eyes can be damaged by the UV rays of the sun. Safe hours are either during the first hour of the sunrise, or the last hour before the sun sets.

The miracles of sun gazing technique-Stress reliever

The miracles of sun gazing technique can offer additional benefits to your physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual development. This simple practice offers you a lot of miracles. Further, these miracles even cannot be overthrown by medical practitioners or by the medicines sold by pharmacists. Also, what are the miracle you can get after the sun gazing?

Here are the 8 list of the benefits and miracles that you can get after practicing sun gazing.

1.)   It relief off your stress and tension;

2.)   Boost up your energy;

3.)   Increase the production of your good hormones serotonin and melatonin;

4.)   Stimulates your pineal gland;

5.)   Increase the size of pineal gland;

6.)   Improves your eyesight;

7.)   Reduces hunger pains; and

8.)   Releases your internal blockages.

What are you waiting for? Start doing the sun gazing technique. Call your friends and do the proper sun gazing technique. Include this in your daily exercise routine. It is not yet late for you to practice sun gazing. It has been said that your health is your wealth.

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