Top 10 Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them!

Communication is the perfect key to the best relationship. That is why when questions are asked answers should be given back.

People need to voice out what is running through their minds. You cannot just sit and think all of those thoughts alone.

One should also make clear about what else is he thinking of.

With that, if you are planning to have a personal trainer for your fitness then you are on the perfect page! Here are the top 10 questions to ask a personal trainer before hiring them.

1. What kind of experience do you have?

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them1

Personal trainers learn whether or not their methodologies work in real time, making adjustments along the way to help clients reach their goals. In this way, the more experience your trainer has, the better. Plus, studies show that teaching is a great way to learn.

A trainer who has been teaching proper technique for a long time has likely gotten better and better at providing the right cues to help you get the most out of every single rep.

When it comes to learning a skill, it’s the quality of time spent practicing, not the number of hours logged, that transform a novice into a virtuoso.

2. What is their strategy for preventing and dealing with injuries?

Many of us deal with nagging aches and pains or recurring injuries and we’re unsure how to get a great workout without causing a flare-up. If you’re nursing an old injury, your trainer should be capable of adjusting your training to work around it. For any new injuries, they’ll recommend seeing a physician before going back into beast mode.

3. What is their coaching style?

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them2

One study found that trainees were more successful when they received ongoing social support from their trainers. On the other hand, some clients might be self-sufficient when it comes to motivation and gel with a trainer who encourages autonomy.

When it comes to client-coach compatibility, personality and training style are crucial. Consider your own learning style first. If you’re someone who picks up a movement by having it broken down into its smallest components and demonstrated repeatedly, be sure to choose a trainer who is interested in the minutiae of exercise and has the patience to go through the details.

4. How do they program and track progress?

Your trainer should not only be able to make a personalized training program based on your goals and fitness level. He should also help you track your progress to see how your hard work is paying off.

This might mean workouts to help you PR at your next 5K, a program to help you drop a few pounds or a step-by-step plan to master the handstand. Whatever you want to achieve, working out under supervision while following a program has been shown to be more effective than flying solo at the gym.

5. Do they stay on top of fitness trends and related research?

Extensive fitness knowledge and expertise is the main reason why people want to work with personal trainers. Your trainer should be able to speak about a variety of training styles and the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Most trainers have their own opinion about what gets results, but the best ones aren’t so married to one particular modality that they won’t be versatile in their programming.

The best trainers are the ones who love what they do. And loving what you do often translate into always wanting to improve and expand your knowledge so you can keep getting better at your job. If your prospective trainer seems less than passionate about continuing his education or thinks that he already knows all there about fitness then consider working with someone else.

6. What’s Motivated You to Become a Trainer?

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them3

Look for a trainer who chose his or her job in order to help others, to make the world a healthier place, or to motivate people to become their best selves–not someone who just likes to work out or wants to work with celebrities.

Someone who’s training because it’s their passion will help you achieve better results.

7. Do You Have Experience Helping Clients Work Toward My Specific Goal?

Okay, the first step here is to figure out what your specific goal is. Do you want to lose weight? Tone up? Increase your endurance? Here’s why that’s so important: Many trainers work with every single client the same way–the way that they themselves got in shape.

No matter the individual goal, these trainers will have all of their clients practice bodybuilding or Crossfit or whatever got them to their current fitness level.

8. Can You Put Me in Touch With Any Former Clients?

Talking to a trainer’s other clients will help you learn what it’s like to work out with him or her before you fork over your hard-earned cash for your first session. Aking about the trainer’s general philosophy and how they treat their clients.

You can also ask what they liked and disliked about the trainer, how the trainer helped them push through those tough final reps, whether the trainer explained the purpose of each move, and how quickly they started seeing results after starting to work out with the trainer.

9. What kind of results can I expect?

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them4

Hoped for results might include fat loss, increased strength and cardiovascular endurance, more energy, tell all that to your trainer. If you have the desired outcome, the phone screening is a great time to share it.

Are you shaping up for a wedding, slimming down for a high school reunion, or lowering your heart rate per doctor’s orders? Let a prospective trainer know so the two of you can decide if it’s the right fit.

10. What are some of your recent client successes?

You want a trainer that will get you the results you want. The best proof of that is recent client experiences. Arzoumanidis suggests asking the trainer to share stories, this will also give you a chance to understand how the trainer works. Another option is to read testimonials online.


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