Top 11 Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer! (Things to Consider Before You Hire Them!)

Having a lot of best options in life makes you feel bad when you have already chosen one. But that is how life is. You still need to choose what you think is best for you.

Just like choosing a personal trainer in the gym. One can never detect the good quality of the other if he does not have a good eye. Not literally eyes, but the eye on choosing.

So, if you still have not chosen your personal trainer then here are the top 11 qualities you should look for. Because after all, a good personal trainer will help you get your body goals in life.

1. Patience and Honesty

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Achieving your fitness goal will not happen overnight. Patience is the key to a good client-trainer relationship.

Your Personal Trainers should understand that you will have many questions and clarifications you might want to ask them, and not take it against you. They should not also want to see results since what works for one client may not work for another. A good personal trainer should do an assessment of your body.

Trainers should also be truthful, transparent and honest to their clients no matter what. They should not give you false promises and hopes.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

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People sometimes mistake a good communicator for someone who has a silver tongue and slick presentation skills. Communication in large part is about seeking to understand. It’s about critical thinking and effective listening.

Being a coach and trainer means agreeing to help someone on his or her journey to better health, fitness, and wellness. In order for a trainer to succeed in this role, it is essential for him or her to know where a client has been and where the client seeks to go.

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3. Professionalism

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You can befriend your personal trainer, but a certain level of professionalism should still be clear for the both of you. Despite the relationship you are cultivating with them, they are still doing their job.

This would mean that sessions should not be compromised by hours of story-telling or, routines made easier because the both of you became friends. At the same time, there should be fairness when it comes to fees and charges.

4. Educated and Well-trained

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Regardless of accreditation, good personal trainers take it as a personal responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends and new research published in scientific journals and continue efforts of improving themselves—physically and mentally.

Because there is nothing more convincing that a person will do a great job aside from their resume and credentials, it is important that you take time to read and understand their credibility based on their education and training.

5. They Care For You As A HumanTop 11 Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer-5


Clients will get sweaty, complete loads of different exercises in different positions, find things tough and have weaknesses that get in the way of what they want to achieve.

Being able to naturally put people at ease and ensure they feel comfortable working with you is an essential part of the mix.

A good personal trainer should care about their health, but that doesn’t mean they have to eat steamed broccoli every day. Everyone has a guilty pleasure or two. They share little details like this with their clients. They care for you as you are still a human.

 6. Great Personality

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As a client, you want to feel comfortable and trust that your trainer has your best interest in mind. Believe it or not, a good personal trainer is one of the few people that will see you at your lowest point, during the times you look your worst and you should feel okay with it.

Like a friend, they should be understanding and ready to listen and compromise. But at the same time, as a trainer, they should stick to their rules and not let you slack off your workout routine and program.

7. They use two ears to listen and one mouth for talking

Top 11 Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer-9

To get the best from their clients’ good personal trainer listen far more than they talk.

But did you know there’s listening and then there’s listening?

Most people listen purely to respond. That is they’re waiting for the pause where they can say their bit…but, not top personal trainers.

They listen to really understand their client and pick up on the details of what’s being said.

8. They remember names and details

Top 11 Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer-10

 If a good personal trainer is great at building effective relationships that deliver results, then it figures that they need to be great at remembering those all important details that build trust, rapport and make us feel that little bit more special about ourselves.

After all, when did you last have a great relationship with someone who couldn’t even get a simple thing like your name right?

9. Empathy and Compassion

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Whilst it’s relatively easy to hide behind a desk and go through the motions you can suss out a good personal trainer from an average one a mile off!

The best of the best personal trainers are out to earn a living from doing something they’re truly passionate about that delivers results to others.

10. They seek agreement

Top 11 Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer-8

Being able to find common ground is massively important to build client trust and open their mindset to trying new things. Then when it’s time to subtlety suggest an alternative approach or difference of opinion your client is all ears.

Top personal trainers will never make a big display about disagreeing. They will always be seeking agreement and beneath all this, they are well and truly the boss!

11. They inspire 

Top 11 Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer-6

Personal training is about enabling your client to make positive change.

The best trainers are natural inspirers of others who are able to gain maximum effort and commitment to the task at hand.

They don’t tell their clients what to do but instill a desire, confidence, and determination that enables them to stick with their personal training course and achieve results.


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