What are the Top 3 CrossFit Exercises Most Effective to Flatten Your Tummy!

No one would ever want an extra belly fat in the body. Every single one of us wants to flatten those tummies out and have a perfect body size. So if you are aiming to have a flat tummy soon then you can try CrossFit. CrossFit is one the exercise options which can help you with your body goals.

This exercise can help you lose weight and have a healthy body you have always wanted to have. Remember the sooner you start your session the better the result will be and the faster you reach your goals. Do not think of any reason why you cannot start right away. You know to yourself that you can always find time for exercise.

But if, in the meantime, you are focusing on having a flat tummy do not worry too much. Here are the Top 3 CrossFit exercises that will help you with your body goals.

1.) Burpees

What are the Top 3 CrossFit Exercises Most Effective to Flatten Your Tummy-1

Doing burpees is just like hitting two birds with one stone. This exercise will not only have an impact in your tummy but also it will is a great leg work for you. You can mix burpee with some other exercise if you want to and also for a faster result.  Try 8 Burpee, 8 Pushup, 16 Pull-ups, 16 Hanging Knee Tucks or situps and repeat for three rounds.

Everytime you think of stopping just remember your body goal and it will motivate you back to your exercise. It will work faster and easier if you have discipline with your food intake. Have a dietary plan while you are in your exercise session. The easiest one is to lessen your calorie intakes and have a lot of proteins and fibers instead.

2.) Situps

What are the Top 3 CrossFit Exercises Most Effective to Flatten Your Tummy-2

This exercise will focus on your tummy part which is your main goal. With the proper execution and amount of exercise, you are never that far from your body goal. You can try the 20-minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute) exercise. It can be 15 Pushups, 10 Pull-ups, 15 Situps, 20 Lunges and repeat for 4 rounds. Push yourself to your limits, just do not push too much. You might end up with the unexpected result.

It is also recommended to have a training coach with you, so there will be someone watching every execution you do. But if you are doing it at home without a training coach then just get motivated by your own body goals.

3.) Mt. ClimberWhat are the Top 3 CrossFit Exercises Most Effective to Flatten Your Tummy-3

Aside from flattening your tummy, this exercise will also help your upper and lower body. It will surely help you get to your body goals faster and easier. Just get yourself ready enough to swipe those sweats off of your body. Try to have 10 rounds of 20 Mt. Climber, 20 Situps, 20 Air squat,20 Lunges.

Again, it is should be done with the proper execution which means you need someone to look after you just in case you need a little help. But if you choose not to have one, then just open a video tutorial and you are good to go. Always remember to have a proper diet. It will be just a waste of time if you are still eating the wrong food for your body goal.


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