5 Advantages of Travelling Solo

“Being alone means you are lonely.”- It is the most common perception of people to those who are just alone. But, no, not all who are alone are lonely. Why? Well because there is a lot more reason why people choose to be alone.

And these reasons are for them to explain to nobody else but to themselves alone. So do not ever try to judge them by their decisions. Do not think that they are alone and lonely, maybe some are, but not all of them.

Just like being a solo traveler.

Have you ever experienced being a solo traveler? If yes then you may agree to points down below. But if you have not yet experienced this then maybe you should keep reading. Here are the 5 advantages of traveling solo.

Trip planning is way easier

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When you travel alone, you will get to exercise full control over the places you visit, and the things to do there. Unlike traveling in a group in which you have to compromise the activities you want in order to accommodate everybody’s preferences.

Solo travelers are the masters of their own adventures. They get to decide precisely how they spend their time during their trips.

Getting everything ready for a solo trip is a breeze when you have only got one person to consider. You do not have to worry too much about everything else for everybody because again you are just one.

Far from the tortuous back-and-forth, reply-all email threads of group trip planning, the process is smooth, straightforward, and headache-free.

You will enjoy the word “Independence”

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Traveling on your own enables you to rely on yourself in challenging situations. When presented with choices, the solo traveler gains a sense of independence as they make their own decisions.

This plays a vital role in helping you develop the ability to successfully pursue the adventures you seek!

Once you arrive at your destination, your itinerary is yours to control. You do not have to worry about anyone because you are just one.

Whether you want to spend more time on a beach or in the museum, all that is just for you to decide alone.

It is a much less stressful experience than deciding everything in a democracy and makes for a truly relaxing trip.

You step outside your comfort zone

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When traveling with friends or family, you often depend on to them most of the time. Just like whenever you can’t find your way around the solution usually comes by talking it over.

Sometimes when you travel with other people, you become used to relying on them when something goes wrong. In this case, you cannot sort things out by yourself.

That is why having more confidence allows you to challenge yourself in greater ways too, whether that’s on a future trip or back at home.

Being alone on a trip will make you realize that you have only one person to depend on, you. Just like in reality, you sometimes need to get away from your comfort zone to grow more in life.

It is easier to stay on budget

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Anyone who has ever tried to split a dinner check? Well, it is true to fact that dining in a group can be far more expensive than eating alone. When traveling in a group, expenses can rack up fast as community opinion agitates for that pricier tapas bar, an unexpected snack pit stop, or a late-night beer run.

Even though you only had a salad and a glass of wine, you end up paying part of your friends’ steak-and-cocktail share.

Unlike when you are by yourself, you can stick to planned meals and activities or tuck away your wallet for a while if you go overboard one day.

You can also enjoy more activities which suits your goals without worrying about the budget of anybody else. Because again, you are just one in this case.

You will get some reflection time

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“Being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely. In fact, it can have the opposite effect.”

– Torre Deroche, the travel writer behind the Fearful Adventurer.

A group trip can often be exhilarating.

Long trips like hundreds of miles away will sound good if you will not hear any murmurs around you. Unlike being in a group trip chats and talks with your group is much needed to be done.

Trips can spare you time to talk to your inner self. You will have some time to focus on your mind and your goals alone.

You can especially experience this when you sit right next to the window of the bus, train or airplane. Not just that, because you can also enjoy more the view of the place without anyone bothering you.


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