Top 7 Free Writing Resources for Travel Bloggers!

Travel blogging sounds ordinary to those who love to travel. Not quite enough thoughts, that when you decide to do a travel blog you then realize that it is as important as choosing to eat or not. Almost all writers, bloggers and the like would want to become a successful one someday. If you choose to have a travel blog or any style of blog you want you should try to consider the content of your writings not just thinking about clicking the publish button.

If you want to know free writing resources for your next travel blog then keep reading.

1.) Death to the Stock Photo

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It is still advisable to take your own photos. But if you are still a newbie and you do not have enough skills in photography then you better grab one from those stock photos. There are a lot of these available on the web. An example is “Death to the stock photo”.

Do not worry there are some for free. But it would be better for you if you choose to have the premium one. It will give you a satisfactory and good quality of photos which best suits your travel blog. It will be a great help for you especially if you choose to have a travel blog. Remember, no audience would want to read your travel blog if you do not provide a beautiful photo on it.

2.) Graphic River

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If you want your blog to have some sort of web designs or maybe a good logo then there are a lot of those available on the web. You should try to consider to have a good quality of graphic for your logo on your travel blogs. Most of the readers are first engaged in the designs and graphics your blog has to offer.

You can try Graphic River. This is a design marketplace which offers professional designers who can help you sort out your own blog logo. You can just browse the site and see what best suits your own taste for your travel blog. But with this one, you need to buy the logo that you like. Do not worry they are plenty of choices to choose from and it will surely give back the value of your money spent.

3.) Meme Generator

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Try to consider how hard it is to maintain a travel blog. If you come to think of it soon you will then realize that it is greatly needed for your travel blog. You need this tool especially when you are in the depth of lacking the entertainment portion of your blog. Meme Generator catches every eye of those who see it. So if you find your blogs or travel blogs too serious and boring then you should try Meme Generator.

4.) Canva

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If you are the type of a blogger who wants to post some quotes on your blogs then Canva is the best for you. This is a great tool for you especially because it makes designs quickly which you won’t always want to, right? In this tool, you encourage your audience to go back to your blog because they find it attractive and quick to understand with. Canva is the best tool for your quotes and motivational words for your readers of your blog.


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Do you want to catch the attention of the people on the web? Well, Giphy is the best one that you should try to consider. This tool would help you create quality content for your blogs which could catch the eyes of the main audience on the web. Audience and readers love to read those catchy contents which somehow summarizes the entire content of the blog. Giphy is the one doing that thing. Try it for yourself and you yourself will be caught by your own content.

6.) The Noun Project

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This tool is an online collection of icons which you can use in marketing your own blog. Some of the icons are for free but some need payment. Do not worry about the money you will be spent, The Noun Project is not that costly. It will also give back the value of your money spent on these icons. This tool is basically a one-stop shop for the icons you need for your blogs. You certainly need not worry about the availability of the icon you want because this tool offers a hundred of icons to choose from.

7.) Social Media Services

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Grab the opportunity of free social media services. When you do travel blogging be open-minded in posting your blogs on your social media sites. You should have at least one of them. But it is still better to have as many as you can. In this way, you can freely post your blogs and you are a step away from being a successful publisher and writer. If you are too shy you to use your own social media then create a new one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Remember you these accounts are for free which is good for all newbie out there.

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