Top 7 Must Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children! (#6 is Our Favorite!)

Family vacations are the best foundation for the entire members to get inspired with as they grow apart. But sometimes parents are too cautious about their children that they settle on the same old places they’ve been before. Well, it’s just normal for them. Like what Robert Benchley said, “In America, there are two classes of travel: first-class and with children.” which is totally true. But you can also travel first-class with your children, right?

So if you are planning your next family vacation and try to travel first-class with them, then you are in the right place.

These Top 7 list of your must-visit places in the world will surely stun and amaze you. These are not only travel-goal places but it is also a children-friendly one. Believe me, these places were also on your bucket list during your younger years.

1.) Melbourne, AustraliaMust Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children-Australia

Do not lie to yourself kids always wanted to go to Australia back in your younger days. Well now do not hesitate to visit the country even if you already have your own family. Just make sure you have saved enough pocket money because surely you will spend a lot especially on the airfare. But if you are still thinking what to pin on your travel board then you should also consider pinning vacation savings with it, right? The koalas and kangaroos are only waiting for your family visit them. The country has a lot to offer with your family especially with your kids. Convinced? Now try pinning this place to your next travel board.

2.) Paris, FranceMust Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children-Paris

You may be thinking that your kids will not appreciate the place but you are wrong. Aside from being the City of Love, Paris is also the City of Light. Your kids will totally love this city especially because it is where you can find the worldwide famous Eiffel Tower. Do not worry too much your kids will have fun. The place has sandpits, pony rides, ice cream stands, puppet shows along the road. Not just that, there are also some vintage miniature sailboat rentals which will surely capture the classical heart of your children.

3.) Tokyo, JapanMust Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children-tokyo

Every child’s dream is to one’s see the cartoon character they love to watch, well, in that case, Japan is the place to be. The country will awe you with the different kind of lifestyle they are living have. Kids who love technology will surely be in total amusement of the place. Aside from their world-class and advanced technology, the country also offers the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Are you still not convinced? How about the cherry blossoms and the scenic view of Mt.Fuji will that do? Save the date and try pinning this now on your travel board.

4.) Hongkong

Must Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children-hk

Bring your little ones to the Disneyland and they will surely thank you very much. But if you are already tired of going to these amusement parks well, there is more to Hongkong than just Disneyland. You can bring your kids in a ferry ride which is great in this little country. Not just that because you can have the shopping of a lifetime with them. The country has the best markets for toys and kinds of stuff for your souvenir which offers the lowest price you can ever imagine. Since the country is near to Macau, which in fact just a boat ride away, try visiting the country and you will not regret it.

5.) Bora Bora

Must Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children-bora

Do not think that this place is just for your honeymoon. The place has a lot to offer for your entire families like the turquoise blue water of the beach and the silky white sand. Bora Bora is the paradise which you should put on your family’s travel list. There are many fun-filled water activities which include snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming with stingrays and sharks. French Polynesia also has a very interesting culture and history.

6.) Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Must Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children-Costa

Whether you have an adventurous or cautious type of a family, the place is the best for you. You can either go hiking, kayaking, have fun with the rainforest or you just take a rest on the beach. Your family will have a vacation that you can always be inspired by when you head back home. Costa Rica is the best place to go if you have an animal lover kids. In this country, you can see some animals which the zoos do not have, just like sloths, armadillos, and much more.

7.) Vienna, Austria

Must Visit Places in the World for Parents and Children-Vienna

The country is the best place to visit during Christmas season. Vienna has a famous Christmas markets which have a lot of seasonal treats and gifts for your kids and your friends one back at home. Your heart will be filled with joy from your kids’ smile when they see the wonderful Christmas decorations and lights that the place has. You might even see Santa on the road bringing some good stuff for you the kids.


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