Vacation of a lifetime versus Disastrous Storm

Vacation of a lifetime versus Disastrous Storm

Where it all started

It was during break time when a group of ladies found a promo airline ticket to anywhere in the country. One of them offered her credit card to be used as payment for the ticket since they do not have any cash yet. Not knowing where to go, they decided to click a place that all of them have never been before. They save money and even come up with a decision of having a small business that will help them earn more pocket money for their graduation vacation.

Time goes by and they have saved a lot of money for the paid vacation. They are excited as ever that they forgot to research about the place. Their excitement is more on their vacation trip than to take a walk on the stage on their graduation.

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Vacation of a lifetime versus Disastrous Storm-Storm

The Reason WHY

Months passed by and a storm struck the whole country and left with a devastating after-storm effect. The storm did not even spare one of the ladies. The one who lends her credit card for the ticket had her families evacuated their home because of the catastrophic storm. Left with no words and bad news, the ladies need to decide whether to go on their vacation or not. A year passed by and no one in the group pursued the trip. No one wanted to go.  They decided to give their saved up earnings to their friend in need.

The ladies graduated together and have forgotten the graduation trip that they all are excited about. As one of them remembered the airline ticket, they already have paid it in full. So they asked the airline if they can still use the ticket and have it rebook. After explaining the story that they went through the airline decided to give them a group vacation trip for free. They still choose to go to the place where they have once decided to go to before.

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Vacation of a lifetime versus Disastrous Storm-Best Part

Power of determination

Without any knowledge of what the place would be, the ladies arrived in the unknown place. They grabbed a map on the airport and right then they choose randomly on what place they will go to first. Fascinated by the beauty of the white sand beach, everyone had fun. They had some island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving since the place is surrounded with a few islets with several of activities every islet. The ladies spread some tents on the white sand beach and have some marshmallows on the grill and talk about what they went through in life just to have the vacation of a lifetime. They spent three days at the beach before exploring more the whole place.

Vacation of a lifetime versus Disastrous Storm

Happy after all

After their island hopping adventure, the ladies also went to spring hopping with the different temperature of the spring because the place is blessed with some volcanoes; in fact, there are 7 volcanoes in there. After the island and spring hopping, they chose to take a deep splash into the islands most well-known waterfalls. The fun did not just stop with the water adventure because the island offers a trekking to the country’s most beautiful mountain. Now they are professional individual already, they chose to make the vacation experience as an inspiration every time they have some bad days at work.


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