How to Write a Book for Fun and Profit!

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. – Benjamin Franklin

Any first-timer writer will always doubt the power of their writing. Some of them sometimes think that it will only be a waste of time because they might not earn something out of it. If you wonder how to write a book for fun and you want to earn profit from it when you consider reading this whole article for you. It will guide your writing skills in more effective and creative way.

                  1.) Write from the heart.

How to Write a Book for Fun and Profit HEART

When you write a book write something from your heart. It will help you in finishing your book with full satisfaction. Do not worry if you have a sad or lonely heart because no matter what your heart’s condition is you can still create a work of art out of heart’s mood. Believe it or not but those who have a sad heart, tend to create more fantastic output than those who ordinarily have a neutral heart. But that does not mean that you need to be sad for you to have a wonderful book. To add, it is just that when you are in an extreme emotion and you want to express yourself you can freely and wildly express it through writings.

If your main goal is just to profit then you do not need to put your whole heart into it. You can either write a book about the recipes you just created. Further, innovate or maybe the hacks about home living and things like those. Just remember that if you continue to write books without a heart you cannot enjoy the fun of self-satisfaction. Further, this will somehow cause you some emotional troubles as you go by. Writing includes thinking about what your readers think of you when you write those books. The readers will know whether you either have a fun, sad, happy or angry heart on writing it. Lastly, because your emotions reflect on your creations so you need to be mindful of whom your target readers are.

Remember that if you love your work you never have to work on every day of your life. It is your right to think about profit. But believe it or not you should think of earning as the second goal because you have created a wonderful output you will not only earn big but you also have satisfied yourself.

                2.) Expect less and do great

How to Write a Book for Fun and Profit LESSIt is not that you are being pessimistic; it is just preparing your mind for the world of critics because you can never please everyone after all. Just write out of your greatness and do not expect right then that people will buy your book. If you put yourself into this kind of thinking, then you better put along with it the trust and believe towards your own skills and talent. Remember your goals and focus on it. People might not appreciate your work on the spot. Instead, just continue to write do not stop. For somehow along the way you will get better and better after those books are published. Have fun when you write so that you relay your enjoyment to your readers and earning a profit will just follow.


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