21 Best Places to Go in Singapore Without Spending Money!

Oh absolutely, in Singapore, we discovered a ton of awesomely fun and entirely free activities. You should save this one for later!

One of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, Singapore is a cultural melting pot with cutting-edge infrastructure, Michelin-starred restaurants, and hospitable residents. Singapore is a bustling island metropolis, yet there are plenty of things to do there without spending any money. It’s true what you just read! There are many enjoyable free activities and locations to visit in Singapore that are just as enjoyable as those that require spending your hard-earned money. And we don’t make any effort to hide the associated costs; we just declare what we guarantee.

But keep in mind that our list of the most inexpensive things to do in Singapore is not all-inclusive. These are just a few of the countless free activities available here that you should not skip.

The Top 21 Free Activities In Singapore

Here is a list of exciting free things to do in Singapore so you may finally have the low-cost vacation you’ve always wanted. Scroll down to begin!

1. Outdoor Movies

Does watching a classic with lots of strangers on a huge outdoor screen sound like fun to you? If so, Movie Mob ought to be the first activity on your list of inexpensive things to do in Singapore. It elevates the drive-in movie concept and gives you the option to choose the movie. Watch their Facebook Page for updates on the location and timing.

2. Esplanade Music Venue

This is the activity that caters the most to musical hearts out of all the free things to do in Singapore. Free live performances are available at the Esplanade, where you can socialize with like-minded people. You won’t get bored here because there are countless performances and dancing routines. You will feel alive in this environment, which is replete with singing, performances, music, and joyful conversation. Esplanade Roof Garden and Music Library, both of which are free, should not be missed.

3. Festivals in Singapore

The scene at Singaporean festivals is colorful, lively, crowded, and trendy. Take in a variety of festivals and carnivals and their enjoyable celebrations. The Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa, and Mid-autumn festival are not to be missed in Singapore. Celebrate hearty with food, lights, merriment, and fireworks. In order to really experience a major festival in Singapore, make sure to schedule your trip around it.

4. MacRitchie Treetop Walk

On the MacRitchie suspension bridge, stroll among the trees and the animals that call them home. Sounds awesome, no? Pay particular attention to the dynamics in the treetops. The best part is that it is completely free.

5. Market Free

Have you heard of the free market? It’s not a typo, no. Yes, I do mean free, not run away. Free activities in Singapore or places to visit there without paying money are still palatable. However, the free market is on a whole other level. Grab whatever you want from the market and get it for nothing. However, show your gratitude by offering your own free goods for sale. You may safely leave your wallet at home, I assure you. You wouldn’t need it in this case.

6. Southern Ridges,

Between Mount Faber and the National University of Singapore (NUS), there is a long route. It is not a difficult walk and is appropriate for those with modest medical concerns. This location is well-liked by people of all ages due to its breathtaking vistas and ideal selfie locations. Carry extra water bottles, but avoid purchasing plastic ones. In Singapore, you may refill them in many locations, including the eateries you go to.

7. Flying a kite

One of the top free attractions in Singapore is the Marina Barrage. Hang out with your pals, fly a few kites, or simply observe people. The vast grassy meadow can hold everyone, no matter how many people try to arrive at once. Utilize your desi kite-flying prowess in this offbeat and unquestionably odd kite-flying adventure.

8. Fish Baiting

This place is amazing in its quiet and tranquility. If you consider all the free activities available in Singapore, fishing at Yishun Dam is undoubtedly the most enjoyable. Enjoy some quiet time with some reliable fish. You may be sure that the fish in this area are not from fishy (:-P) water because of the great fish density there. What more could you possible want from your trip to Singapore, right?

9. Lunch At Chek Jawa

Have a picnic outside and reflect on your youth at Chek Jawa. Picnicking here is one among the best free things to do in Singapore because of the tranquil setting and abundant wildlife. Fill your picnic baskets with loads of tasty food and drinks as well as other enjoyable items. And by the way, bring plenty of sunscreen; you definitely don’t want to get a horrible tan!

10. Images of Statues of Merlions

Did you know that Singapore is decorated with a large number of Merlions? Well, the number is 8. Find them all, and then take pictures with them all. When I mention free activities in Singapore, this is what I mean. Discover, travel, and have fun! The best thing is that your Instagram feed will look amazing when you post photos of the Merlion!

11. Walking

One of the most popular free activities in Singapore is hiking. And when the trail is on Mount Faber, it becomes a unique experience. A lot of beauty is pumped in by stretched sceneries, murals beneath the platform, and a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Due to the abundance of natural beauty, it’s a fantastic destination for couples, hikers, and nature lovers to come.

12. Drawing on a wall

Imagine defacing a wall in broad daylight with your own graffiti without worrying about being apprehended by law enforcement. Yes, at these free attractions in Singapore, it is completely allowed to draw on walls, show your graffiti art in public places, and pull off tricks on a skateboard. In reality, Singapore is one of the few nations in the world that permits drawing on walls and encourages its creative inhabitants to express themselves anywhere they like.

13. Gardens by the Bay

The greenest free attractions in Singapore are these gardens. With waterfront vistas and a wide variety of exotic flowers and plants, they look amazing and are a wonderful example of human ingenuity and scientific knowledge. The best time to go is right after sunset, when the gardens are beautifully illuminated in a variety of colors and can be seen for miles around. It is very amazing to see the enormous Super Trees illuminated by the solar energy they have captured.  Sun Pavillion, Supertree Grove, Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes, Far East Organization Children’s Garden, World of Plants, Heritage Gardens, and Bay East Garden are the only gardens that offer free admission.

14. East Coast Park

One of Singapore’s top attractions is this 15 km stretch of coastline that is popularly known as the East Coast Park since it is a terrific spot to relax and unwind. Swim, read a book, or just take in the silence. A few entertaining rides and games are also available for children, including the Marine Cove Playground, rock climbing, digital game stations, and more. Your trip to Singapore would undoubtedly be enhanced by this complimentary experience. activities like rock climbing and swimming.

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15. Singapore Symphony Orchestra,

If you’ve always wanted to go to an orchestra concert but haven’t been able to due of the cost of the tickets, don’t worry—this is your chance. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra presents free concerts at various institutions, venues, and gardens as part of a community outreach program. The best part is that you may bring a picnic basket as well! calming atmosphere in the air.

16. Temples

The most ancient Hindu temple that is open to the public is the vibrant Sri Mariamman Temple, which is situated in the center of Chinatown. In addition to this, there are numerous other temples in Singapore where you can go and check out the carvings. Particularly if you’re traveling with your family, these locations are ideal for spending a tranquil afternoon or relaxing evening.

17. Sultan Mosque

This beautiful mosque, which is Singapore’s oldest, is a must-see while you’re there. During your free tour here, you may discover more than only the Muslim legacy; you can also see and experience the wonderful way of life in this Arab neighborhood. Prior to scheduling your visit, don’t forget to double-check the times. This is undoubtedly among the most educational free activities in Singapore.

18. ION Orchard

One of the best locations to go for free is the ION Orchard Shopping Mall. The mall, which opened on July 21, 2009, included 335 restaurants and shops. The mall is an architectural marvel because to its chic and cutting-edge style. Be sure to check out the newest fashion styles and trends as well as some extensive and in-depth window browsing. You can definitely use this location to take mind-blowing photos for your Instagram. Additionally, if you choose to engage in real shopping, you can have the opportunity to visit the ION Sky tower in the ION Orchard Shopping Mall. The sky tower’s viewing deck provides some magnificent and breath-taking views of the city. You could get a ticket to the ION Sky tower for $20 here.

19. Hill at Fort Canning Park,

One of the top Singapore tourist destinations is right in the city’s center: the lovely and historically significant Fort Canning Park. This lush green area is close to Orchard Road and Clarke Quay, and it is completely free for anyone to climb the hill here for breathtaking views of Singapore. Joggers, dog walkers, history buffs, and nature enthusiasts who want a quick break from the city life frequent this location. The park is also a perfect site for a nature walk, one of the most uncommon pastimes in Singapore, as it is home to a variety of plants, trees, flowers, and other attractions.

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20. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The National Orchid Garden, which is located in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and features more than 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids, is the largest collection of tropical orchids in the world. The perfect Singapore hideaway that won’t even ask you to leave the city and drive far is one of the major Singapore attractions, with lush green lawns, magnificent ponds, and well-kept garden walks. Numerous stunning birds, such as pied hornbills, spotted wood owls, scarlet sunbirds, stork-billed kingfishers, geese, ducks, and black swans, can also be seen in this area.

21. Marina Bay

No, we’re not requesting that you dine or stay at the opulent resort. We only ask that you stay for their breathtaking light show, which begins every day at 8 PM and runs until 9 PM (or 11 PM on weekends). The Spectra is a magnificent Light and Water Show that is intended to impress everyone and succeeds in doing so admirably, making it one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore. It easily qualifies as one of Asia’s largest light and water spectacles, blazing multicolored laser beams from its three towers as well as shooting lit-up water fountains. When you’re there, make sure to arrive to the Event Plaza in Promenade before 8 PM because that’s the optimum time to see this show.


Are you surprised, or what? After reading this list of free activities in Singapore, if you’re thinking about taking a quick trip to this island metropolis, make your own Singapore itinerary and take advantage of these freebies while there. Not too bad for such a pricey city, right?

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