25 Ways to Cultivate a Present Moment Mindset

Being able to live in the moment is a precious gift that allows you to appreciate your family, work, health, friends, and other aspects of life. 

A present moment mindset can help you feel happier. 

You can achieve a present moment mindset and learn to appreciate each second of the day.

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Try these strategies to practice living in the moment:

  1. Disconnect from technology. Put away your phone and stop checking email for a portion of each day. These distractions prevent you from focusing on what is going on around you. 
  2. Find a hidden spot to enjoy nature. Reconnect with the beauty of nature and the peaceful feelings it can bring. 
  3. Spend time alone. Others can distract you. 
  4. Tell your mind to calm down. Distracting thoughts about dinner, work, or your hair can interfere with your ability to live in the moment. 
  5. Focus on a single item near you. Focus on a single flower or leaf. If you’re indoors, you can focus on a single coffee cup or pencil. Pay attention to one object and live in the moment. 
  6. Reflect on the love in your life. If you’re struggling to stop your mind from racing, then try concentrating on a single positive feeling, such as the love all around you. 
  7. Focus on your breath. Focusing on your breath calms both your body and your mind. 
  8. Avoid thinking about the past. Thinking about the past most definitely affects your ability to live in the present. 
  9. Avoid thinking about the future. If you’re thinking about what might happen, then you’re not enjoying what’s happening now.
  10. Avoid negative emotions. If you feel frustrated or angry, it becomes more difficult to appreciate each moment. 
  11. Try meditation. Meditating can help you focus on the present and positive thoughts. 
  12. Avoid judging the present situation. It can lead to negative thoughts and emotions. 
  13. Remember your role in the universe. By remembering you’re part of a greater whole, you can learn to appreciate each moment. 
  14. Avoid worrying. This can lead to stress and anxiety instead of living in this moment. 
  15. Savor the taste of one tiny piece of food. Pick a favorite food item and learn to savor a tiny portion. 
  16. Avoid living on autopilot. Instead, pay attention to your surroundings and feelings. 
  17. Notice at least one new thing around you. By noticing small changes, you can develop a stronger present moment mindset. 
  18. Focus on the light and shadows. They’re easy to find in most situations and can help you live in the moment. 
  19. Close your eyes and focus on smell. Using a different sense can help you.   
  20. Touch a single object near you. By focusing on touch, you can learn to appreciate your surroundings more. 
  21. Pick a quiet location, but listen closely. If you find a quiet spot, you will begin to hear things such as your heartbeat or insects. 
  22. Develop your optimism. An optimistic personality is more likely to live in the moment. 
  23. Focus on your connections to the world. This includes your friends, family, coworkers, and others. 
  24. Avoid judging others. It’s important not to judge others because it can lead to more negativity.
  25. Focus on your present moment mindset for at least five minutes each day. By setting aside a few minutes each day, you will begin to notice your surroundings and learn to appreciate them.  

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You can live in the moment and see how each minute of your life matters. It’s possible to disconnect from the hectic world to focus on a single moment.

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