Attractions in Singapore: Red Dot Design Museum

Preview how our future will evolve with an exhibition of award winning design ideas from more than 20 nations at the red dot design museum. The museum is located at red dot traffic, a heritage building given a new lease of life with clever space transformation to become Singapore’s de facto creative hub. Its red façade is an iconic landmark in Singapore and a contrary to grey skyscrapers in the central business district.Now, the Red Dot Traffic is painted in bright red is the creative centre of Singapore and the red dot museum is its main attraction. Apart from the museum, the red dot Traffic houses creative companies such as advertising agencies and design studios.

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday & Friday : 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.Saturday & Sunday : 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.Wednesday & Thursday : Closed

Location: 28 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069120 Tel: 65347194Getting there: Take the MRT to Tanjong Pagar Station (EW15)

A small museum on the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. The world Red Dot Design Award comes to life in the Red Dot Design Museum. One of the most important design awards in the world shows off more than 300 pieces that won awards.

In 1955, the “Standige Schau Formschoner Industrieerzeugnisse” (Permanent Show of Elegant Industrial Products) opened at Villa Hügel in Essen, Germany. Over time, it changed into what is now the Red Dot Design Museum.

Every year, the design experts who make up the Red Dot Design Award jury get together to decide which works from product design, design idea, and communication design should win.

The designs were tried, talked about, and judged on different criteria, depending on their tasks and goals, to see how innovative they were. The highly sought-after Red Dot quality seal is only given to the best products after they go through a strict review process.

After being on Maxwell Road for 12 years, the Singapore Red Dot Design Museum moved to its current site along Marina Bay in 2017. It was first opened in 2005. When you go to the museum, you join a world of design that is more than just a place to learn.

Buildings for museums

City planners’ plans for the Marina Bay area used to be shown at what used to be called the Marina Bay City Gallery. The building is made of glass and was designed by Cox Architects. It has a strong geometric shape and is made up of a playful arrangement of structural steel elements and big roofs that hang over the edge. This shows how busy Marina Bay is. MAKK Architects did some work on the building before the Red Dot Design Museum moved in in 2017. By adding a mezzanine, the museum now has two levels of exhibition room.

Design Concept has won the Red Dot Award.

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The Red Dot Award for Design Concept is held at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore. This award is the largest and most prestigious professional award for design concepts and “ready to launch” products. The highlight of this award is the impressive award ceremony and the winners’ exhibition at the museum, which shows the most groundbreaking and innovative designs that are leading the way in the industry.

About the show at the museum

Design Exhibition shows off the best of the design world and shows how some of the newest design trends are affecting the customer market today. The show includes a new group of products from the Red Dot Award: Product Design as well as brands and communication design works. More …

See what the future of design will look like by looking at the most interesting study projects from professional teams around the world. The Winners’ Exhibition from the recent Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2022/2023 gives a glimpse into the future through its collection of cutting-edge and futuristic design concepts that are leading the way in the industry. More …

Red Dot Design Museum

A small museum on the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. The world Red Dot Design Award comes to life in the Red Dot Design Museum. From one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, you can learn about and enjoy good design, such as new products, study ideas, communication works, and works of art.

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Even though Singapore is called the “Little Red Dot,” which might make you think this is a local organization, the Red Dot Design Museum comes from the Red Dot Design Award, which was first held in Germany.

Since 1955, the first Red Dot Design Museum has been a place where award-winning goods and industrial designs from all over the world can be seen. It is located in Essen. In 2005, Singapore built the second Red Dot Design Museum. It is the first and only one of its kind in Asia.

A home for famous designs

The Red Dot Design Museum is in the beautiful Marina Bay District. It has a full glass front and interesting geometric shapes, which make it one of the most interesting buildings in the area.

The Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore and its sister museum in Essen make up the world’s largest collection of modern design. All 2,000 items on show have won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Winners of the award are chosen based on things like how good the idea looks, how new it is, how well it works, and how much fun it is.

Visit “A Preview of the Future”—Red Dot Award: Design Concept to get an idea of how the curators of the place think about design. This show of more than 300 award-winning designs gives guests a look into the future. For example, a wallet that sorts your bills and coins and a wheelchair that plays music are just two of the things on display.

A vibrant place for design lovers

The Red Dot Design Museum is a great place for design fans who want to take home a memento. It also has a collection of world-class design. Its museum shop is full of things that were made locally, like the stylish, simple Blackout Watch and the LUMIO lamp, which looks like a hard-cover book.

Grab a coffee at the museum’s Café Bar, which is filled with Red Dot-awarded furniture and design items, to see how these beautiful shapes work in the real world. The museum runs the café, which offers coffee, beer, and sweets from the area.

The Café Bar at the Red Dot Museum is a great place to get a drink after looking at the museum’s exhibits. It has a wide range of cold beers and local sweets.

How It Works

At the Red Dot Design Museum, you can look at good design on two floors and in several rooms. Explore both the permanent exhibition of hundreds of winners of the prestigious international Red Dot Design Competition and the temporary exhibitions on a wide range of cutting-edge themes. Find out more about the innovations that make our lives better, shop for one-of-a-kind design items and collectibles in the gift shop, and have a drink or snack at the café bar while taking in the beautiful views of Marina Bay.

Fans of design can buy tickets ahead of time to avoid the crowds. It’s easy to combine a trip to the museum with a half-day or even a full-day tour of Singapore’s sights. You can use a “hop-on, hop-off” bus to see the best parts of Singapore at your own pace, or you can combine a trip to Singapore with a trip to Sentosa Island, a night safari, a river boat, or a hawker center food tour.

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Know These Things Before You Go

  • Fans of design should go to the Red Dot Design Museum.
  • Visitors can choose how much they want to pay as an entry fee, but people who are not from Singapore have to pay at least a certain amount.
  • People who pay an entrance fee can get a discount at the café bar and gift shop.

Getting There

At the Marina Bay Waterfront, you can find the Red Dot Design Museum. Take the MRT to Bayfront (Exit E), Downtown (Exit B), or Marina Bay (Exit B) to get there by public transportation. Those who drive should park at the museum’s open-air public parking lot.

The exhibits at this museum, which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, all have high-quality modern design in common.When you visit the Red Dot Design Museum, you can look at modern design objects in rooms that are beautifully set up. Essen is one of the three Red Dot Design institutions in the world. Along with Singapore and Taipei, it is at the top of its field and shows interesting everyday and unusual items. About 2,000 displays show objects and goods from 45 different countries that show how design is changing. The museum’s location in the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is just as impressive as the galleries. It shows off the interesting industrial design of Essen’s old coal mine.Walk toward the Red Dot Design Museum and be amazed by the beautiful balance of the Zeche Zollverein building. The building, which is on the World Heritage List, was built in the 1920s as a boiler house for the city’s coal mine complex. It is a mix of Bauhaus geometry and industrial simplicity. When you walk into the building, you can start looking around the more than 43,000 square feet (4,000 square meters) of exhibition area.Check out displays of goods and other things that look interesting. You’ll be taken on a trip through current trends and new ideas, from everyday kitchenware to elegant modern lighting design. Modern design icons are also on show, along with brands of technology that we use every day. Look for an ultralight gyroplane, new ways of making sailboats, and interesting new directions in communication technology.Check out some of the special shows at the museum, which are short-term displays of design items. In July, you can see a show of the items that won Red Dot Awards this year. In the fall, you can go to the world-class hub to see new shows that focus on the products that won awards in the communication design challenge.

Great places to visit near the Red Dot Design Museum in June (changed in 2023)

Universal Studios Singapore

, “Even though it’s hot, our excitement hasn’t gone down at all. When you hold an app, you have to wait in line, but you don’t have to make a separate line. The girl might find the Transformer and small roller coaster a little exciting. I played all the way through to help, and I played the small roller coaster to shout “Tian.” Yin boar ���. But I tried hard and only got 2. Corn hot dogs are tasteless, but so is the ticket.”

Gardens by the Bay

“The garden next to the Sands Hotel is 101 hectares and has more than 250,000 rare plants. When you’re done shopping at Sands and want to relax, you can go to Marina Bay Garden. Bay South, Bay East, and Gardens in the Middle of the Sea are the three gardens in the park. From the path next to the water, you can see the beautiful scenery of the Marina Bay Financial District. It’s a great place to walk at night or have a dinner with friends and family.

 S.E.A. Aquarium

Emi C.: “I loved everything about the Aquarium! Ocean Park in Hong Kong has a lot less fish to see than this park. Divers there also talked to visitors. When he was done feeding the sharks while I was inside the dome, he gave me a finger heart.

ArtScience Museum

“The future world of teamlab cooperation is very popular with kids,” said jasonhuilee. Once the different designs have been colored in, they will show up on the big screen. “This is a place where kids can play for most of the day.”

Places to eat close to the Red Dot Design Museum

1. LeVeL33 ce:

 “The atmosphere is very good, but the wind on the terrace is too strong, there are no seats and you have to stand, so it’s a great place for gatherings. The craft beer there is very well-known, and there are many different kinds with different tastes. The food is simple, with oysters, seafood, steak, and snacks. The pairing is good, but the service is slow because there are too many people. Good welcome, but service was slow, which ruined the good mood.”

2. Punjab Grill

Boye1: “Since the quality of the sands isn’t bad, Indian food also has a high-end pull. The Indian food inside is a North Indian style, and the cake has sauce on it. The taste is more unique, but the spicy is more enjoyable.”

3. Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay:

“The atmosphere of the place will never let you down. There are tables inside and outside, the bread before the meal is very crisp, the production is also very classic, the salmon meat is very tender, the salad tastes fresh, the Wellington steak is very thick, the oil is evenly spread, the plate is more casual, the service is general and not too active, the service fee is extra, and you have to pay an extra tip, which is very expensive.

4. Super Loco Customs House

 “Meals with Mexican flavors and a variety of cocktails are available.” The taste isn’t bad, but the most important thing is that the view is great, especially in the evening, and the night view of the nearby sands and Marina Bay is very good.”


The Red Dot Design Museum is in the northeastern part of Essen. It takes 20 minutes to get there by tram from the city’s main train station. There is a fee to get in, but children under 12 can get in for free. On Friday, you can pay what you want to get in. Book an English-language guided tour to learn more about the exhibits and the ideas behind them. Every day except Mondays, December 24, 25, and 31, and New Year’s Day.

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