Best Places in Singapore to Watch Sunset!

Don’t miss the “golden hour.” Singapore has beautiful parks, waterfront places, and beaches where you can watch the sunrise and sunset.

At these beautiful sunrise and sunset spots in Singapore, you can take photos that would look great on Instagram.

Singapore is a beautiful place to watch the sunrise or sunset. It’s definitely worth getting up at the crack of dawn for a walk in nature or making a reservation at a beautiful restaurant for a dinner outside. There’s something about these grand moments that makes you feel very calm. You have to enjoy the beauty of nature. We’re lucky that the city has a lot of nice parks, beaches, and good bike paths. Just pick one…

The best places in Singapore to see the morning and sunset are:

1. Labrador Nature Reserve

Love a good view of the sea? At morning or sunset, this nature spot in Singapore is the picture of peace. It’s peaceful and quiet, and only birds and mice live here. When you add in the cool breezes, beautiful views, and impressive rocks, you have a winner.

2. Seletar Fishing Village

Did you know that the last fishing town on our island is in the quiet neighborhood of Seletar? It’s a secret place with wooden boardwalks and wooden huts. You can walk or ride a bike to see the nearby greenery and water views before going to the beach area to watch the sunset. It’s quite a tranquil experience – great for a solo photography jaunt or a chill date.

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3. Lighthouse at Raffles Marina

This hidden gem is one of Singapore’s few still-working lighthouses, and the best time to see it is at sunset. The trip to Tuas is well worth it. You can walk along the pier and take pictures as you go, or you can find a place to sit and look at the beautiful view.

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4. Yishun Dam

You might or might not want to go on a sunset date with other couples in Singapore, but it’s always a good idea to see the sunrise here. You can start or end the day with a beautiful view at this dam in the north of the island. Be aware: driving is the best way to get here.

5. Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage isn’t just a nice place to fly kites and have a lunch. This spot on the water is also a great place to watch the sun set in Singapore in a reddish-orange color. The colors of the morning sun reflected on the lake are pretty much a picture-perfect scene. Plus, you can go on a lovely date with your partner in the evening!

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6. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Imagine the sun and the blue water together. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park in Singapore is a great place to watch the sun rise and set. Sit on a bench near the edge of the pond. The view will make the 5 a.m. alarm worth it. You can also walk over to the Heritage Bridge or the jetties for more amazing views.

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7. Marina at Keppel Bay

Yachts dot the view from Marina at Keppel Bay, which makes it a beautiful place for dinners outside and evening strolls along the water. Even if you aren’t here for the food (there are places like Bayswater Kitchen and Prive Keppel Bay), a walk down the boardwalk at sunset is a lovely way to spend a date.

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8. Waterfront Park in Woodlands

Go all the way up to Singapore’s north. Here is a park that doesn’t get enough attention, but it has great views of the sunrise and the Straits of Johor. Woodlands Waterfront Park is popular with people who live in the area. It has a few trails, including ones for running and riding, so you can get some exercise before you watch the sunrise or sunset.

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9. Sembawang Park

On this beach, you can find a mix of industrial grunge and peaceful seaside vibes. If you want a sunrise with a twist, look at the cranes and building sites in the distance. If you want a sunset that looks like a postcard, sit under a coconut tree on the beach. It’s all about beautiful views! You can also go to Sembawang Hot Spring Park before or after to make the day even more relaxed.

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10. Changi Boardwalk

Even though it’s way out in the east, think of all the food you can eat when you’re done watching the sun. Since the sun rises in the east, Changi Boardwalk is possibly one of the best places in Singapore to watch the sunrise. Get to the coast and enjoy the morning breeze while you wait for the sun to show up and do its wonderful thing. From Changi Ferry Terminal, walk along the beach until you see a small hut. That’s where the morning show is. Oh, and it’s not called Sunset Walk for nothing. You can see everything without any obstructions, giving you a front-row seat to all the wonderful action.

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11. Marina Bay

Marina Bay is Singapore’s fanciest neighborhood, with a swanky shopping mall and world-class sights. It’s also a great place to take pictures of a beautiful sunrise or sunset with the city as a backdrop. It’s right next to the Central Business District, so it’s a great place to jog early in the morning to see the sunrise before work or take a walk in the evening when you’re done for the day.

12. Merlion Park

This one is a popular place. Photographers meet in the morning to get a shot of the iconic, futuristic skyline of Singapore as it is lit up by the morning sun. Going after the sunrise is a real sport. While you’re there, take a picture of yourself with the Merlion. And if you’re camping to watch the sunset, end your romantic night with a walk along the water.

13. Kranji Reservoir Park

Kranji Reservoir is a favorite place for sunrise photographers because it’s quiet and far away enough to make you feel like you’re not in Singapore. Even though you probably have to get up very early to go, it’s a peaceful way to spend the morning. And you’ll definitely want to keep the great photos you take. If you’re coming for a quiet date in the evening, bring a lunch!

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14. Mount Faber Park

Another great place to watch the sun at work? Mount Faber. At the top of the hill, you can watch the city skyline of Singapore slowly appear or disappear across the distance. It’s all about amazing soaring views and getting a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhoods nearby. Oh, and people going along the Southern Ridges trail can stop here for a break.

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15. Punggol Waterway Park

Even though the famous Instagram tree is no longer there, Punggol Waterway Park is still a great place to take pictures of beautiful sights on a sunny day. Just remember to go all the way to Sunrise Bridge to get the best view. And if you’re not a morning person, check out the Sunset Strip, where you can see Jewel Bridge from the water. Don’t say we didn’t tell ya!

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16. Kranji Marshes

Visit Kranji’s freshwater marshes for a country-style time. As one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the country, it is full of many different plants and animals. Visit the viewing tower at sunrise or sunset to see the changing sky lit up with reddish-orange rays without anyone else around. It’s the best time to be outside!

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17. Pasir Ris Park

This beautiful and peaceful park has a lot to offer, from water sports to riding, inline skating to barbecues. You can also see the sun slowly making its way into the dark morning sky. Use the boardwalks to get into the mangrove forest at the park, keep going until you reach the three-story Bird Watching Tower, and climb to the top for the best view in the world!

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18. The island of Coney

This country park is full of birds, making it a great place to spend a day bird-watching. You can also ride a bike or walk around Coney Island for a hike. Keep an eye out for signs on the main road that will lead you to five beach areas. Even though these beach spots don’t have white sand and clear water, they are still nice places to relax by the sea. And if you get there early enough, you might even see the beautiful sunrise.

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19. Tanjong Rhu Promenade

Want to stay away from the people and their cameras? This is where you should be. The Tanjong Rhu Promenade walk runs along the water under the ECP highway. It is a quiet place to watch the sun rise over the horizon. You can see the sky in a different way from the Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower.

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20. East Coast Park

Ask anyone who likes to watch the morning, and they’ll tell you to go to East Coast Park. With the beach and ships adding to the beauty, you’ll probably get some beautiful pictures. To get there on time, jog through the park or ride your bike at the crack of dawn. Bedok Jetty is a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset, or both, if you want to see a beautiful scene.

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21. The Gardens by the Bay

For the best morning views, it’s always best to climb up high. So, go to this park before sunrise (it starts at 5 a.m.) and wait until the sun comes up to see the Supertree Grove and their reflections in Dragonfly Lake. It’s well worth getting up early for. But if you’re not a morning person, sunsets are just as lovely.

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22. Pulau Ubin

Try something new and take a boat to Pulau Ubin to see the sunrise. The first boat starts at 6 a.m., and the trip takes only about 10 minutes. That gives you plenty of time to walk to one of the beaches, find a good spot, and watch the first light hit the kampong island. After that, you’re ready to go out and explore for a whole day.

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23. Pandan Reservoir

Taking a trip to the west? Set up a time to go to Pandan Reservoir to watch the sunset in peace. You can walk along the water at this secret spot or jog to get your blood pumping. Either way, you’ll have a great time at the quiet place.

24. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

We think everyone who lives in Bishan or Ang Mo Kio will agree that the park in Singapore looks beautiful when the sun comes up or goes down. There are also a couple of dog runs, so your pet friend can play while you enjoy the beautiful greenery. You could also have a family picnic on the open field or one of the grassy banks by the river.

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And that’s our list of Singapore’s most beautiful sunrise and sunset views. Something wonderful about the view of the sunset makes it a treat for the eyes. As the sun sinks below the horizon, it paints the sky with a brilliant glow that is a sight for sore eyes and definitely worth an Instagram shot. Have fun traveling!

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