Daily Positive Affirmations: I Attract Abundance.

Money is an important and influential part of life. Let’s build a healthy relationship with it using positive affirmations.

I Attract Abundance

I see the abundance that surrounds me. I welcome good things into my life. My mind is open to receiving blessings. With so much to gain, I stand alert. I want to spot opportunities at all levels.

Savoring pleasures is simple. The afternoon flies by when I am playing board games with my children. Stalls full of colorful fruits and vegetables greet me each time I visit a farmer’s market.

Bird songs entertain me when I walk through my neighborhood in the morning. Ask yourself: What does nature teach me about abundance?

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Searching for reasons to value hardships is more complicated. However, challenges enrich my life as much as enjoyment. I express gratitude for everything that comes my way. Ask yourself: What are three things I can do today to cultivate an abundant mindset?

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Sometimes I can gain money or other material things. Other times I make new friends.

Each day is full of occasions for me to continue learning. Today, I pay attention to the riches that surround me. I appreciate my good fortune and create conditions that attract even more abundance.

I realize that my worth is independent of possessions and income. I find contentment in my faith and efforts. My wealth is measured by my spiritual qualities and connections with my loved ones.

I delight in my ability to share my gifts with others. I take satisfaction in contributing to a better world. The thing I love most about abundance is the way it empowers me. Ask yourself: How does an abundant mindset change my experiences?

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