Places to Visit in Singapore: Jewel Cable Car Ride

The latest cable car cabins offer a cutting edge state-of-the art designs and sparkles like jems in the night. It offers a 360 degree view of the Southern part of Singapore, it will serve as a gateway to the Sentosa Island.

Singapore Cable Car has been enhanced to offer guests a World-leading experience in terms of comfort, design and technology.

Come and experience the brand new Singapore Cable Car Ride and take pleasure in an out-of-this-world experience amidst the Singapore skyline. The new Singapore Cable Car’s cabin interior is extra spacious with large panoramic windows that offers spectacular 360-degree bird’s eye views of the Singapore city, harbour, and Sentosa Island.

Opening hours: 8.30am to 11pm (daily)Location: 109 Mount Faber Road, The Jewel BoxJewel Cable Car Station at Harbourfront Tower 21 Martitime Square, #01-31Jewel Cable Car station at Sentosa50 Imbiah Road Tel: 63779688Getting there: Take the MRT to Harbourfront Station (NE1) and walk 5 minutes

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About the amazing link between Singapore’s Faber Peak and Sentosa Island Since 1974, Singapore Cable Car has been the only cableway in the country. It goes from Faber Peak on the mainland to the island resort of Sentosa and then to the Merlion or the beach at Siloso. Today, people can ride the cable cars on the Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line, which have more than 100 seats and stretch for almost 5 km. The full Sentosa-HarbourFront skyline and the resort island can be seen from the air during a “joyride” on the Cable Car Sky Network. As the cabins fly over the forest, through a skyscraper, over the harbor, and through the jungle, sand, and sea, the view changes. Our service agents are there to make sure that everyone who rides the cable car has a good time. The Singapore Cable Car is open from 8.45 a.m. to 10 p.m. (the last ride is at 9.30 p.m.).

The famous 2S building connecting Singapore’s mainland to Sentosa Island was starting to show its age after 35 years of use. Also, the airport needed to be updated to handle the huge increase in passenger flow. Every month, a million tourists visit Singapore, so the airport needed to be updated.

There are three stops on the gondola lift. The drive station is on Mount Faber, a hill on the main island that is filled with lush tropical plants. Level 15 of HarbourFront Tower Two is where the intermediate stop is. There are a lot of bus stops, the end of the Sentosa Express train, and a subway stop near the VivoCity shopping mall. Sentosa Island is where the last stop is. The gondolas have big windows that let in a lot of light and have tables inside for Sky DiningTM in the evening. These are easy to put in place and take off.

The inside and outside of the 7-Star VIP Jeweled Cabin are full of Swarovski diamonds. It also has a crystal panel glass floor, leather seats, a minibar, an iPod/iPhone docking station with a music system, and a crystal panel glass ceiling. The people who run the cable cars are sure that they will take up to 1.7 million people a year in the near future. The gondolas’ Jewel LEDs shine like gems against the night sky, which is how the Jewel Cable Car Ride got its name.

Why Take a ride on a cable car in Singapore?

The best views in all of Singapore can be found on the Singapore Cable Car line. It is the first aerial ropeway in the world to cross a bay, and it links Singapore’s mainland to Sentosa Island. The two lines of Singapore’s cable car network, Mount Faber and Sentosa, go by all the beautiful and well-known places in the city. You can see the world-class facilities, the beautiful beaches and harbor, and the famous Singapore attractions and theme parks from above. In 2010, the cable car line got a makeover that cost several million dollars. It now has comfortable rooms with modern amenities and the latest safety features. So get on board and enjoy an experience you’ll never forget!

What You Need to Know Before Riding the Singapore Cable Car

One of the most popular ways to get to Sentosa Island is by taking the Singapore Cable Car. The Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line have a total of six stops between them.

  • Mount Faber Line: The line starts at Mount Faber Station, Faber Peak, and goes through Harbourfront Station on its way to Sentosa Station, which is the third and final stop on the Mount Faber Line.
  • The Sentosa Line starts at Merlion Station, goes to Imbiah Lookout Station, and then ends at Siloso Point Station.

Sky Pass for the Singapore Cable Car

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The Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass is different from regular tickets because it lets you go to all six stops in one trip. This is true no matter where the person with the ticket got on the ride.

Advice for people who are going to the Singapore Cable Car for the first time

  • Try to plan your trip so that you can see the view both during the day and at night. Both views are beautiful, but they show Sentosa Island and the Singapore shore from different points of view.
  • On sunny days, the cable car rooms can get hot and stuffy. Even though there are fans inside the car, make sure the windows are slightly open for more air flow.
  • If you are picky about lighting for photography, you can open the window and take pictures without the tint or glass reflection messing up the shot.
  • On weekends, the Mount Faber Line is most busy in the late morning and afternoon. If you are traveling by yourself, you might have to share a house with other people.
  • If you want to get back on the cable car at any of the four stops, you have to get in line. This is because the places where people get on and off the bus are separate.
  • The cable car is pretty big, and it’s easy for 8 people to fit inside. It can even fit in a baby’s stroller.

What to See on a Cable Car Ride in Singapore

The colorful cable cars that zoom across the skyline from Singapore to Sentosa are a unique way to get around Singapore. TripAdvisor has named it one of Singapore’s top ten landmarks, and it is still the most popular way to get from Singapore to Sentosa.

Exploring Singapore and Keppel Harbor

The best way to see Singapore’s Central Business District and Keppel Harbor is from the Mount Faber Line. This line takes about 30 minutes to go around, and the best way to start is at the Harbourfront Station and head toward the Mount Faber Station. You can go to Faber Peak and look around, then start your trip to Sentosa Station.

You should try to visit both the cable car and other Sentosa sites at the same time. You can also spread out the time and make the trip back in the evening or at night this way. From the cable car, the views of Singapore and Sentosa at night are beautiful, and you can see the lights of both cities.

Exploring Sentosa

To get on the Sentosa Line, you have to get off at the Sentosa Station and walk a short distance to the Imbiah Lookout Station. From there, you can go to either Merlion Station or Siloso Point Station on the other end of the island. This line’s round-trip takes about 15 minutes and goes by some of the best sites on Sentosa. You will have to go back to Imbiah Station and walk back to Sentosa to take the cable car back to Harbourfront Station.

Planned Cable Car Routes in Singapore

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The Harbourfront Station is where you should start your trip. Level 15 of Harbourfront Tower 2 is where the Harbourfront stop is.

Take the cable car to the station at Mount Faber. This road is often less busy and has amazing views of Singapore and its harbor.

When you get off at Mount Faber Station, you can see the Central Business District and Keppel Harbour from a beautiful vantage point.

Go all the way to Sentosa Station from Mount Faber Station. On this path, you will see Keppel Harbour, the Singapore Cruise Terminal, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and Universal Studios Singapore. The Mount Faber Line is now done.

Get off at Sentosa Island and walk to Imbiah Lookout Station to get on the Sentosa Line. From the Sentosa Station, it will take you 5 minutes to walk to the Imbiah Lookout Station.

You can go to either Merlion Station or Siloso Point Station from Imbiah Lookout Station.

From Imbiah Station, you can see the Skyline Luge tracks, the Skylift, and the beach on your way to Merlion Station.

From Imbiah Station to Siloso Point Station, you can see the jungle on Mount Imbiah, Fort Siloso, Siloso Beach, and MegaZip Adventure Park.

To get back to the shore, get off at Imbiah Lookout Station, walk to Sentosa Station to get on the Mount Faber Line, and get off at the Harbourfront Station.

Tip: Plan your trip so that you can enjoy the views of Singapore and Sentosa both during the day and at night. Both are amazing in the same way.

Places of interest on the Mount Faber Cable Car Line

As it goes across a world-class highway, the Mount Faber Line gives you a great view of Singapore’s Central Business District. Kids love to watch the cars and trucks go by on the roads below them. The thick greenery around the Faber Peak is a nice change from the steel and chrome of the city.

On its way to Sentosa, the Mount Fable Cable Car goes over Keppel Harbor, where the Harbourfront Cruise Centre is. The Merlion welcomes you to Sentosa as the cable car pulls up to the island. The views are beautiful and photographers will love them.

The Sentosa Cable Car Line is also a beautiful sight and goes a long way across the island. On the line from Imbiah to Merlion, you can see the tracks for the Skyline Luge, the Skylift, and the beach with its bright blue water.

From Imbiah to Siloso Point, you can see the forests on Mount Imbiah, the MegaZip adventure park, Fort Siloso, and the Siloso beach.

Combine site-seeing with a ride on a cable car

You can even see the sights and ride the cable car to Sentosa at the same time. You can easily walk down to Madame Tussauds, the Sentosa Merlion, Universal Studios, and Kidzania from the Imbiah station or the Merlion station. You can go to Siloso Beach, Fort Siloso, and the Underwater World from the Siloso Station.

Both the Mount Faber Cable Car and the Sentosa Cable Car are great places to take pictures. To get the most out of these, you can get a Skypass so you don’t have to buy Singapore Cable car tickets at each stop.

When is the best time to go to Singapore?

Most of the time, the Singapore Cable Car is busy on the weekends. So, if you want to avoid crowds, it’s best to go on a weekday morning, which is also a great time to avoid the rush hour. So, you can see the city, Sentosa Island, and all its sights clearly.

Evening is the best time to visit Singapore because the weather is cooler and you can see the sunset while the city comes to life at night.

Visitor Tips:

  •  If you like taking pictures, plan your trip so that you can see Singapore both during the day and at night so you can get great shots. The Singapore Cable Car ticket includes a flexible round-trip.
  • Plan to ride from Sentosa to Harbourfront or Mount Faber in the evening so you can see the sunset over Singapore Harbour.
  • With your Singapore Cable Car ticket, you can get on and off at any Cable Car stop. Take advantage of this to see places like the S.E.A. Aquarium, Madame Tussauds, Trick Eye Museum, Sentosa Merlion, and more.
  • If you wear comfortable shoes and clothes, you’ll be able to see a lot of sights on and off the Singapore Cable Car network without getting tired.
  • During the day, it can get very hot, so bring a cover and a bottle of water. The cover also helps when it rains.

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